April 2020
The world is a very different place than it was earlier this year. With that in mind, this month’s IREC Report features a variety of resources to help you and your organization navigate these difficult times, including:

  • guidance on how building departments can safely continue permitting and inspection to help solar and other renewable projects proceed,
  • virtual clean energy training resources,
  • and the newly-available videos of panel sessions at this year’s IREC Vision Summit (perfect if you’re looking for some inspiration and positivity).

Plus, if you’re looking for your next role, IREC is pleased to announce that we’re hiring
Continuing Safe Permitting and Inspection Practices During COVID-19
Building department officials play a crucial role in solar and other clean energy projects through their permitting and inspection responsibilities. The COVID-19 pandemic presents challenging questions for building departments about how to continue operations while ensuring the safety of their teams and the quality of inspections. Fortunately, solutions are already being implemented across the country.
Hear firsthand from building officials around the country on the no-touch permitting and inspection practices they’re using to maintain safety and permitting and inspection quality in this recorded webinar.

The webinar was jointly hosted by IREC, the Sustainable Energy Action Committee, and the International Association of Electrical Inspectors, in partnership with the California Solar and Storage Association.

The Sustainable Energy Action Committee (SEAC), administrated by IREC under a new DOE grant, provides a forum for collaboration on solutions to permitting, codes and standards issues that affect the installation and utilization of sustainable energy technologies and systems.

Read SEAC's recommendations on how building departments can navigate this challenging time and safely continue operations.
Resources for Virtual Training and Learning 

Virtual training and learning options have rarely been more applicable than in these challenging times. Online training can provide a means to keep staff productively engaged while normal work operations are disrupted or slowed, or replace in-person learning opportunities that have been canceled or postponed.

Explore the wide variety of resources IREC offers:
Weatherization professionals provide valuable energy savings to vulnerable low-income populations. New IREC-designed training strengthens the effectiveness of these organizations. See why over 1500 weatherization professionals have completed over 10,000 courses! 

Solar installations can present challenges for firefighters, who need to understand best practices to avoid potential dangers. Learn from an experienced fire chief how to operate safely around solar electric systems and get your questions answered.

Tag along with inspectors across the country as they give inspection tips on 5 different types of PV systems, from microinverter systems to carports and systems with energy storage. These affordable courses also offer continuing education credits for code officials + NABCEP credits for solar professionals!

Watch the Vision Summit panel session videos to gain insights from clean energy leaders on how we can make progress in the transition to 100% clean energy. The panel sessions covered topics from needed regulatory reforms to opportunities for ensuring an inclusive clean energy workforce and equitable consumer access to clean energy's benefits. Experience the Summit!
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