May 2020
This month, we're pleased to share new resources on grid modernization —including an on-demand webinar and blog post. We also invite you to stay in the loop on efforts to address solar and storage permitting and inspection challenges, recap recent resources on virtual clean energy training and share some organizational news.
Grid Modernization Tools and Resources
Grid modernization is complex—but getting it right is critical to our ability to effectively address climate change. Check out two new resources that build on our latest publication, A Playbook for Modernizing the Distribution Grid (aka the “GridMod Playbook”), published in partnership with GridLab.
On-Demand Webinar : A Playbook for Modernizing the Distribution Grid
Missed last week's webinar with the GridMod Playbook authors on the goals and principles of grid modernization? Or just want to revisit the key insights? The recorded webinar (and slides) are now available!
Blog Post: Navigating Grid Modernization and Unlocking the Grid of the Future
The latest IREC blog post explores why grid modernization is so important, why getting it right is challenging and a set of goals and principles that can help ensure effective gridmod proposals and investments.
P.S. Have you downloaded the GridMod Playbook yet?
Download the full report, complete with a gridmod evaluation checklist, here !
Team Transitions

It is with sadness but gratitude for her contributions that we announce the departure of Sara Baldwin, Vice President - Regulatory. Sara has been an invaluable member of the IREC team for over six years and leaves the IREC Regulatory team in capable hands.

Read our statement and help us wish Sara well in her next endeavor. Learn More
Stay in the Loop on Clean Energy Permitting, Inspection & Code Reform
The Sustainable Energy Action Committee (SEAC) provides a forum collaboration between key stakeholders in code enforcement and permitting for solar and solar-plus-storage projects.

Under a recent grant, SEAC (under IREC's administration) will identify existing code-related barriers to solar and storage deployment and facilitate the development of consensus-based solutions. If you're interested in participating, or staying in the loop on updates, subscribe below.
ICYMI: Guidance for Moving Your Training Online  

With COVID-19 reshaping how we work, many clean energy training organizations are thinking seriously about online training. Our new resources will guide you through some of the key considerations whether you’re thinking of online learning as a temporary measure or a permanent addition to your training strategy. 
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