February 2020
Last week, the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) passed its first resolutions of 2020. Front and center is a recommendation that states adopt and implement the latest IEEE distributed energy standard for interconnection, key to the expansion of DERs on the grid. IREC Chief Regulatory Engineer Brian Lydic has been an influential voice in the drafting of the associated standards and the implementation of their adoption . More
“IREC’s Scorecard is a one-of-a-kind barometer of program performance, gauging not only the strengths and weaknesses of active programs, but useful as an indicator how attractive a program will be to customers,” says IREC VP-Regulatory Sara Baldwin. “The aim of the Scorecard and our updated complete program policy catalog is to help policymakers and regulators understand how to design and lead effective shared renewables programs that support meaningful and sustainable market growth.” More
A one-day visionary exploration
to make bold clean energy goals a reality. 
Turning ideas into action to develop and integrate
policies, practices and workforce training
essential for all Americans to benefit from clean energy.

Just 3 WEEKS away!

We're packing and shipping boxes to D.C. for our 2nd IREC Vision Summit! Are you planning to be there? We'll miss your voice if you aren't among the energy influencers in the room. 

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Join prominent industry leaders, national, state and local energy decision makers, advocates and educators as we delve into  3 KEY THEMES  on the path to 100% clean energy:
 #1 Regulatory reform for grid transformation
#2 Training-to-jobs pipelines for diversity and inclusion
#3 Consumer and community benefits of clean energy
Keynote Panel Pathways and Strategies for Achieving 100% Clean Energy
Featuring leaders from state and local governments, the Keynote Panel will explore:
  • Pathways and policies to achieve ambitious clean energy goals
  • Primary challenges and obstacles to implementation
  • Leveraging lessons learned across jurisdictions
  • Approaches and models being explored
  • National efforts to support and complement state and local initiatives
Hon. Eduardo Bhatia
Senate of Puerto Rico
Larry Shirley
President, Shirley Associates
IREC Board Chair (Moderator)
Mark Ahlstrom
President, Energy Systems Integration Group
Lorraine H. Akiba
President & CEO, LHA Ventures
Miranda Ballentine
CEO, Renewable Energy
Buyers Alliance
Regulatory Reforms for Grid Transformation
Exploration of regulatory reforms needed to connect more clean energy to the grid and support the decarbonization of the transportation and building sectors. Panel discussion followed by a 20 min. facilitated table breakout session.

Sara Baldwin
Vice President - Regulatory
IREC (Moderator)
Rachel Gold
Director, Utilities Program,
American Council for an
Energy-Efficient Economy
Ric O’Connell
Executive Director, GridLab
Nicole Sitaraman
Senior Manager, Public Policy, Sunrun
Steve Steffel
Manager, Distributed Energy Resources Planning and Analytics, PHI and Exelon Company
Commissioner Sally Talberg
Chairman, Michigan Public Service Commission
Training-to-Jobs Pipelines for Diversity and Inclusion
Clean energy workforce success stories from across the country, including training-to-jobs pipelines, supporting diversity in the industry, and emerging opportunities for clean energy jobs. Panel discussion followed by a 20 min. facilitated table breakout session.

Laure-Jeanne Davignon
Vice President - Workforce Development
IREC (Moderator)
Chandra Farley
Just Energy Director
Partnership for Southern Equity
Staci Hoell
Workforce Development Manager
Solar on Multifamily
Affordable Housing
Mary Shoemaker
Senior Research Analyst American Council for an
Energy-Efficient Economy
Erika Symmonds
Vice President of Workforce Development and
Service Learning
GRID Alternatives
Consumer and Community Benefits of Clean Energy
How embracing the transition to 100% clean energy impacts people, and ways diverse communities can realize new economic and workforce opportunities. Panel discussion followed by a 20 min. facilitated table breakout session.
Larry Sherwood
President & CEO, IREC (Moderator)
Pari Kasotia
Mid-Atlantic Director
Vote Solar
Steven Leitner
Chief Operating Officer
CAP Solar
Janine Migden-Ostrander Principal
Regulatory Assistance
Project Online
Ruth Ann Norton
President & CEO
Green & Healthy Homes Initiative
Emma Searson
100% Renewable Campaign Director
Environment America
Where in the US is IREC?
Feb 19 | In-person meeting on Massachusetts ESS tariff provisions | Boston, MA | IREC Chief Regulatory Engineer Brian Lydic will attend.

Feb 24 | IEEE 1547.2, .3 and .9 meetings | Austin, TX | IREC Chief Regulatory Engineer Brian Lydic will attend.

Feb 25 | Solar Power and Energy Storage Mountain West | Denver, CO | IREC President/ CEO Larry Sherwood will participate on a panel: How to encourage local jurisdictions to adopt better permitting and inspection.

Mar 11 | IREC Vision Summit | Washington, DC

April 6-7 | DOE Peer Review Meeting | Washington, DC
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