December 2019
A one-day visionary exploration
to make bold clean energy goals a reality. 
Turning ideas into action to develop and integrate
policies, practices and workforce training
essential for all Americans to benefit from clean energy.

Join national, state and local energy decision makers, prominent industry leaders, advocates and educators as we delve into  3 KEY THEMES  toward the path to 100% clean energy:

#1 Regulatory reform for grid transformation
#2 Training-to-jobs pipelines for diversity and inclusion
#3 Consumer and community benefits of clean energy

Keynote Panel of Energy Decision Makers from Key States
As more states and municipalities adopt ambitious clean energy goals and work on implementation efforts, lessons and insights are beginning to emerge. Keynote Panel will explore:
– Pathways and policies that achieve ambitious clean energy goals
– Challenges and obstacles to implementation
– Efforts that leverage lessons learned across jurisdictions
– Best approaches and models underway
– Strategies to support and complement state and local actions

Read about collective goals and intentions from our inaugural 2019 Summit earlier this year articulated in a  Vision Principles  document, available now for your organization and individuals to sign in support.
Interconnection procedures are the rules of the road for the grid. Without common rules and predictable processes, gridlock and costly projects can result. In her recent article for Energy Storage News , IREC VP-Regulatory Sara Baldwin explains how IREC's updated 2019 Model Interconnection Procedures address the first steps toward defining a clear interconnection process for energy storage systems to provide a useful starting point for states navigating these issues. More
IREC is selected to receive awards for two major new solar and solar+storage projects beginning in 2020, the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office recently announced. The projects will result in solutions that decrease the non-hardware costs and red tape associated with installing solar and solar-plus-storage systems for new and developing solar markets. More
Where in the US is IREC?
Recently, IREC President/CEO Larry Sherwood shared his expertise on a distributed generation (DG) panel at the Distributed Energy Conference in Denver. Panelists examined DG from different perspectives: regulatory authority, the independent system operator, regional transmission organization, and the utility, observing the differences between distributed generation models and centralized generation and the role of distributed generation in decarbonization.
IREC is proud to be an industry sponsor for Solar & Energy Storage/New York , a Smart Energy Power Alliance (SEPA) and Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) collaboration focusing on solar and energy storage policy updates and opportunities in the Empire State. IREC VP-Workforce Development Laure-Jeanne Davignon will attend.
How do distributed energy resources fit into 100% clean energy goals? IREC President/CEO Larry Sherwood will present at  Intersolar North America , Tuesday 2/4/20, 10:15-11:30am, San Diego CA Convention Center.
IREC in the News
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About IREC
The Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) builds the foundation for rapid adoption of clean energy and energy efficiency, toward a 100% clean energy future that is reliable, resilient and equitable. IREC is an independent not-for-profit organization leading transformational work since 1982. IREC: Independent leadership. Trusted clean energy expertise.

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