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May 12, 2016
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An Alcohol Responsibility Program for ITGA Communities: Request for Proposals 
The International Town and Gown Association ("ITGA") and the Responsible Retailing Forum ("RRForum") have entered into a strategic alliance to develop an Alcohol Responsibility Program ("ARP") for ITGA communities. The ARP will adapt RRForum's NIH-supported model to promote the responsible sale, service and consumption of alcohol and serve as a platform for addressing additional issues related to alcohol use and abuse in the community that the ITGA annual survey has shown to be of concern to town & gown communities. The first phase of this strategic alliance will be to implement the RRForum alcohol responsibility model in up to 8 ITGA communities, beginning in the 2016-17 academic year. Click here to access the full Request for Proposals  for town & gown communities to partic-ipate in adapting the model to local laws and community norms and in identifying additional issues that can be addressed by the program. 
MSO, U of M Partnership Tackles Government, Business Solutions
Memphis Business Journal, by Michelle Corbet
The new partnership between the Memphis Symphony Orchestra (MSO) and the University of Memphis will create an institution for developing arts-centered solutions for business and government. The Institute for the Arts, Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurism is a program designed to engage U of M faculty and stu-dents, the MSO and community partners to create art-centered solutions as catalysts for social change. The idea of positioning cultural organizations as partners to business and positioning cultural institutions and artists themselves as problem-solving partners to local government is a conversation that's taking place not only in Memphis but nationally, said Brett Egan, president of University of Maryland's DeVos Institute of Arts Management. The MSO's partnership will be built on three strategies-music performance, music training and community engagement. 
Voters Evenly Split on Legal Marijuana, Poll Shows
Boston Globe, by Michael Levenson
On one of the most closely watched ballot campaigns, 43 percent said that would support legalizing marijuana for those 21 and older, while 46 percent said they would oppose it. Eleven percent were undecided. Support for the question was strongest among younger voters and minorities. Older voters and Republicans were most opposed, although opposition was also strong among women and members of union households. If approved on the November ballot, the measure would allow retail sales beginning in January 2018. it would also permit adults to grow up to 12 plants per household for personal use, which might be a sticking point for voters. Overall, the poll indicated that  support for legalizing the recreational use has barely budged since a Globe poll in July 2014 found 48 percent were in favor and 47 percent opposed. Voters have legalized recreational marijuana use in four states-Colorado, Washington, Alaska and Oregon, as well as Washington, D.C.
Top Cities and Towns for Job-Seeking College Grads
Business Wire, by Staff Writers
Today, the American Institute for Economic Research ranked American cities by the attributes that are most attractive to young college graduates. Among the 260 metro areas that made up this ranking, those that ranked highest in each category were Washington, D.C.; San José, California; Ann Arbor, Michigan; and Iowa City, Iowa. The second annual Employment Destinations Index includes an interactive tool that allows users to create their own ranking based on what matters to them most. The report is based on AIER research exploring the factors that influenced migration patterns of college grads ages 22-35. The top factor was having a young, well-educated population. The other important factors were a strong economic climate, including a low unemployment rate and a high labor force participation rate, as well as racial and ethnic diversity. To view the index, click here
New Official Grew up in College Towns
Town-Gown Nation News
Corvallis Gazette-Times, by Andy Cripe
If your father works as an alumni director for colleges and universities, chances are you grew up in a series of college towns. That was the experience for Paul Bilotta, who took over April 11 as the Community Development director for the city of Corvallis. "I've always liked working with college communities and living in college towns," Bilotta said. "There is so much vibrancy in college communities, much more than you usually get in a community of that size." Bilotta has worked in both the private and public sectors on planning and development issues in Champaign, Illinois; the Twin Cities and Moorhead, Minnesota. Bilotta, who went to eight public meetings in his first two weeks in town, noted that there are a lot of challenges his department and the city are facing, including the vision and action plan work and com-
prehensive plan amendments related to Oregon State University growth. 
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