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February 25, 2016
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ITGA & RRF Join Forces to Enhance Alcohol Responsibility in College Communities
Press Release, by Brad Krevor
Recognizing the problem of underage and abusive drinking among college students, the ITGA and the Responsible Retailing Forum (RRForum) announced a new strategic partnership for promoting responsible alcohol sales in college and university communities. The new program will be based on RRForum's successful efforts to help alcohol beverage licensees comply with laws barring alcohol sales to underage and intoxicated costumers, and to enhance cooperation among alcohol producers, distributors, and licensees, law enforcement and licensing commissions, and other public health and safety stakeholders seeking to address alcohol-related problems. This spring, ITGA will issue a RFP to invite member communities to participate in pilot projects in the 2016-17 academic year. The ITGA-RRForum alliance will be a principal focus of the upcoming RRForum national meeting (Boston, April 20-21) and of ITGA's annual conference in Chicago.  
University Lectures and Market Traders to Trade Places
Loughborough Echo, by Matt Jarram
Market traders will trade places with university lectures for a day as part of a major project to bridge the gap between town and gown. For one day in April, 20 mar-ket stalls will be based on the university campus while student lectures will be held in Market Place. The event will be held on a Wednesday so that it does not interfere with the Thursday and Saturday market. It is part of a number of arts projects looking at Loughborough's high streets. Artists Something and Son will create a structure that works both as a market stall and a place for teaching and learning, in a project that explores the rela-tionship between the university and town. Mike Bird, market manager for the council, told the Echo:"...It is showcasing the market to them and in return they will bring a lecturing theatre into the town centre, which is showing the university to the public. It will be a win, win situation."     
Amherst Working to Outlaw Off-Campus Fraternities
Buffalo NPR New Station, by Mike Desmond
If UB students want to have fraternities and sororities, they may need to hold them on campus. The Amherst Planning Board last night voted to change town zoning laws to essentially bar off-campus fraternities and sororities. The recommendation now goes to the Town Board which will have to hold a public hearing if it wants to change the zoning rules. "This will modify where fraternities and sororities are permitted in this town," said Assistant Plan-ning Director Gary Black. "Currently, they are allowed in any multi-family district, so any apartments, condominium district. This proposal moves them into what's called the community facilities district, which is the district that permits schools, universities and colleges."  Black says this process started with reports of an outside developer looking at a private fraternity row and after checking town rules, the decision was made to change them. 
Education, Innovation, Incubation and the Next Generation
Town-Gown Nation News
Worcester Magazine, by Karen Pelletier
In a recent Clark University study, students from area colleges and universities were asked if they were interested in staying in Worcester after graduation. The answer was "no." However, when they were asked, "What if you were offered a good paying job from your internship employer?" Without hesitation, the answer was "yes." The number one issue raised by Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce member employers is the workforce pipeline. Like other college towns, we must work hard to retain our college students after graduation. Studies show the best practice for talent retention is connecting students to employers through internships. As part of the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce's recruit, retain, incubate strategy. $1.2 was raised in 2013 to fund business recruitment efforts to connect business and higher education communities. 
Town Gown Relations: Common Best Practices
PATimes, by Roger Kemp
During my public service career, I have been a city manager and an adjunct professor in three states and on both coasts of the U.S. I always had an interest in town-gown relations: how officials in communities and schools relate to one another, and how they work with citizens and students to resolve issues before they become problems. For the reasons outlined below, there are many mutually advantageous opportunities to work together on joint projects and programs. In the past, town-gown officials have had misunderstandings based on different loyalties and priorities, and the fact that they have separate governing bodies. Over the years, few mutual discussions were held between the public and school officials, as well as citizens and students.  Today town-gown officials are increasingly working together for the benefit of both of the groups they represent.  
Building Boom for Clemson City, Campus
Independent Mail, by Mike Eads
The building boom on the Clemson University campus has spilled over into the city. Clemson Mayor J.C. Cook and university President Jim Clements talked up new construction to Clemson Area Chamber of Commerce members at Tuesday's annual town and gown gathering at the Madren Conference Center. Cook relayed several projects coming up over the next two years around the city, including water and sewer improvements, a new fire station for Clemson's east side and more parking downtown. There will also be more rooms in town soon for visiting football fans. "There are two new hotels, with 44 rooms each and suite style," said Cook. There are also another 2,100 apartments in the works around the city in the near term, including a $40 million mixed-use project off Earle Street downtown. 
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