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April 28, 2016
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The 14th Annual RRForum Concludes with Next Steps, New Collaborations
RRForum Press Release, by Dr. Brad Krevor
The 14th Responsible Retailing Forum national confer-ence took place April 20-21 in Boston, MA. The ITGA-RRForum session focused upon the new RRForum strategic alliance with the ITGA to bring RRForum's Responsible Retailing model to ITGA member commu-nities. Scott Wexler, of the Empire State Restaurant & Tavern Association, and Rana Altenburg of Marquette University described how the town & gown coalitions in Albany, NY, and Milwaukee, WI, have included alcohol industry stakeholders as key partners. Additional perspectives were offered by Bill Georges on sporting events, by Waltham, MA Police Captain Steve Champeon on the value of the program for law enforcement; by Prof. William DeJong, Ph.D on engaging the colleges themselves in best practices for reducing underage and abusive drinking; by American Beverage Licensees Exec. Director John Bodnovich on the potential leadership roles of trade associations; and by NABCA's Steve Schmidt on the principles that the ITGA initiative should embrace. 
As Municipal Costs Increase, so do Efforts to Get Colleges and Nonprofits to Pay Up
New England Public Radio, by Henry Epp
In Massachusetts, local governments have been able to rely less on state money to pay their bills. That's one of the findings of a report out this month from the state auditor. For many communities, this means much of their funds for road repair, fire departments and police is coming from property taxes. This is a problem in college towns where a lot of valuable property is owned by nonprofits that are tax-exempt. Northampton, MA, is the latest commu-nity to try out one possible solution. I sat down with the city's mayor, David Narkewicz. Before our interview, he carefully ran over some numbers on the city's new "payment-in-lieu-of-taxes" program, which is a terribly boring name for something Narkewicz says is all about fairness. "We're using a cutoff of only those large, private, tax-empt institutions which own in excess of $1 million worth of valued property," says Narkewicz.  
UI Groups Eye Landlords
The Daily Iowan, by Jake Markowitz
Possible unfair housing practices have caught the eye of several organizations on campus. University of Iowa Student Government President-elect Rachel Zuckerman said she believes there are some landlords who have been manipulating international students looking for off-campus housing. Zuckerman said she plans to address the issue by working with Student Legal Services, the College of Law, and International Students & Scholars Services to raise awareness and expand on resources these organizations already provide, as well as implementing new ones. "One of our initiatives is an undergraduate housing task force," she said. "Part of that is going to be looking at where there might be landlord corruption already in the area and looking at what we can do as a university and government representatives to work with the 
city and landlords to reduce the taking advantage of students." 
Fire Victims Leave a Legacy
The Intelligencer, by John Sommerhof
Four years ago, two Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville students died in an apartment fire. Best friends and roommates, Lauren Petersen and Lacy Siddall were the victims of the tragedy. But the families of the victims are now honoring their memory by turn-ing their attention to preventing another tragedy. The families, and their attorneys, have produced and are now releasing a fire safety video that will be distributed to more than 200 universities nationwide. According to the Center Campus Fire Safety, approximately 126 students have perished from fires that occurred on a college campus, in Greek housing or in off-campus housing from 2000 to 2014. Of the 89 fatal fires that occurred during that time, over 85 percent occurred in off-campus hosting. Schools and other organizations interested in using the video should contact
Active Shooter 101: Police Prepare Bridgewater State for Unthinkable
The Enterprise, by Charlie Peters
On college campuses across the nation, professors often remind classrooms that their lecture carries the poten-tial for post-graduation practical application. But one teacher at Bridgewater State University (BSU) who has delivered the same lecture nearly 100 times since Sep-tember is hoping his pupils never need anything from his curriculum. Capt. Michael Froio of the BSU Police Department has spent a good chunk of this year leading students, faculty and staff through active shooter response training. Froio's lesson plan includes a PowerPoint presentation, dramatic video re-enactment of a shooting and even room-specific tips on how to be best protected if the unimaginable becomes a reality. "In the days after (the) Virginia Tech (shooting in 2007), we got hundreds of calls from parents of student's asking, 'What are you going to do?'" Froio said.  "There were a lot of things we looked at in terms of educating the community." 
Concordia University Ties into the Economic Future of the Milwaukee Region
Town-Gown Nation NewsJournal Sentinel, by Tom Still
Overlooking Lake Michigan in Mequon, Concordia Uni-versity seems from all outward appearances to be a classic liberal arts college with a compelling waterfront view. On closer inspection, the picture emerges of an entrepreneurial campus tied to the economic future of the Milwaukee region. Concordia is an example of how colleges and universities in southwest Wisconsin are stepping up efforts to produce students who can take ideas and help turn them into products and companies. It's a process that engages other universities as well as businesses and institutions with a stake in expanding Wisconsin's start-up culture. Through workshops, networking events and competitions, CULaunch helps students write business plans, follow "lean start-up" principles, prepare investor pitches and more. Concordia is a member of The Commons, a collaboration of area colleges that provide students with chances to work with area businesses in real-world settings. 
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