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June 28, 2018
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The Strategy Behind Good Neighbors: A Mayor and Higher Ed President
Solid and productive town-gown relationships can be achieved if they are based in building community and in creating partnerships. Our professional paths came together in 2011 in Bowling Green, Ohio. As the newly elected mayor and the newly appointed university president, we recognized that working together on important initiatives would build the university's and the city's futures. Here, we outline our strategies for success: 1) Set a strategic agenda with buy-in from both town and gown; 2) Resolve problems that need immediate attention; 3) Address the longterm future of the university and community; and 4) Push mutual economic development. UB University Business
Lessons from America. When Was Your Vice Chancellor Last Asked for a Selfie?
Many American universities are positively and deeply embedded in their local communities and economies. Over forty of the world's top universities can be found in the USA compared to ten in England. Cultures are different and not everything transfers but what can we learn about their civic role from our American cousins? 1) Visible leadership is critical. As a local mini-celebrity, the president is routinely waived at when walking across campus and and asked for a "selfie." 2) Local accountability is key. 3) Local assets-American universities also routinely run bus services, sports stadia, theatres, cinemas, nightclubs, food banks, restaurants, etc. Opening up the university to the community and playing a stronger civic role using these different methods can be quickly and easily taken with good management. WONKHE
University Aims for Close Relationship with Community in NW
"The theme for me, is giving the university a strong people focus." University of Tasmania Vice-Chancellor Professor Rufus Black plans to connect the university very strongly with the people of Tasmania. "Universities are at their very heart, people places. What I enjoy is enabling our academic and professional community, to support them, help them thrive, and to have them at the centre of how we organise and manage the university." To be people and community centered, the university needs to be visible as well. He notes that the work is progressing on the new UTAS West Park campus. "Next week the community is taking part in selecting the architects. We are co-designing the campus buildings with the community." The Advocate
East Hill Notes: Town-Gown Teamwork, Illustrated
A recent trip to Columbus, Ohio for the ITGA City & University Relations Conference gave us reason to again ponder the many facets of "town-gown" relationships. A visit to The Brothers Drake Meadery, located at the crossroads of three dynamic neighborhoods, brought the realization that mead and town-gown relations have a great deal in common. Mead is made with milk and honey-simple ingredients available all over the world-which ferment to produce the end product. One global takeaway from this year's conference was confirmation that town-gown successes are built upon a web of relationships. We come together to share the structures and resources to maximize relationships, and create, through an ever-evolving fermentation process, our distinct town-gown communities. Tompkins Weekly
Rutgers Takes Over New Brunswick Police Dispatch Service
Rutgers University will provide police dispatch services for the New Brunswick that should cut the city's costs and put an end to dispatcher shortages that resulted in officers doing the job. The city's 12 current dispatchers will be laid off at the end of the day on June 30, and Rutgers will supply dispatchers as of July 1st under an agreement the city council members approved. All 12 city dispatchers can apply to get jobs, and are expected to be hired if they pass health examinations and background checks, city Administrator Thomas Loughlin said. Under the agreement, the city will pay Rutgers $362,103 to supply dispatchers for the remaining six months of the year.
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