Nov. 7, 2019

This email is directed at any NFLPA-certified contract advisor interested in how the NFL draft works as well as the months leading up to the draft. Note: We are not endorsed, sponsored, or otherwise affiliated with the NFLPA.
Introducing the first CGS-ITL Symposium
I hope you've been enjoying our new series so far. There's nothing more fulfilling than bringing professionals together to talk about issues that face them. That's why, today, we're excited to announce the 2020 College Gridiron Showcase Symposium Presented by Inside the League, which is slated for Jan. 3-4 in Fort Worth, Texas. Here are a few details.
We hear you:  When we rolled out this newsletter, we meant it as a place where ideas about the industry would be discussed. We did that last week , and we'll continue to, but there are limits to what we can address in a newsletter. It's far more effective to do that in a public forum, in which several qualified people discuss the hottest topics, or a seasoned expert talks about a range of topics from the stage. We see this community emerging quickly, and with that emergence come unique problems that need solutions.
Topics that matter:  I was honored to speak at Ed Marynowitz's excellent Personnel Symposium this summer, and I paid close attention to the issues addressed by the panel. I also made a few of my own observations about what people want to know more about. For example, I noticed that people furiously scribbled notes when the NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah  talked about how to scout. I also noticed that though there were hundreds of people from all across the nation in Nashville, most tended to cluster with others from their school, even though everyone said they wanted to make new connections. For these reasons, our symposium will definitely include speakers who can discuss how to network and how to scout. We'll also talk about subjects like the transfer portal, how to recruit Texas, how to sell analytics to an old-school coach, what NFL scouts want to tell pro liaisons, and other issues. What am I missing? I'd love your input.
Surveying salaries:  One area that needs illumination is in pay structures. Over the next several weeks, we'll conduct a salary survey and gather information, as best we can, on what people in the industry are getting paid based on role/assignment and experience level. We'll be presenting our results in Fort Worth in just under 60 days. We've already done that  with NFL scouts for two straight years, and our efforts have been pretty popular.
Build relationships:  The approach for those of us with the CGS has always to make the CGS, which is in its sixth year, more than just an all-star platform for draft-eligible seniors. The vision of CGS founders Jose Jefferson and Craig Redd has always been to make the showcase the nerve center for people in the football business. We're excited because our symposium allows you, a member of the NCAA recruiting and personnel community, a chance to meet with scouts from around the NFL. Last year, we had 70-plus scouts from 31 teams at our game. Everyone who comes to our symposium will get a chance to attend the open bar we'll host for NFL scouts and attendees. 
Next week: We'll have more details about the agenda, our speakers, the open bar, and how to register and book hotel rooms, as well as prices (prepare to be pleased). In the meantime, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach me at 832.443.3350 or I look forward to hearing from you!

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Sincerely, Neil Stratton
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