Oct. 19, 2018

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The Week in Football: Oct. 13-19
If you follow our weekly blog, and we hope you do, you already know we spoke to several scouts this week about Ohio State DE Nick Bosa's decision to leave the team to focus on returning from a lingering core-muscle injury and preparation for the 2019 NFL Draft.
As you might imagine, it was a controversial decision in football circles. Is he being selfish? Will this hurt his draft status? And more importantly, will a mob of other, less-heralded players follow him in walking away from their respective teams? We talked to several
Next stop for Ohio State's Nick Bosa: the NFL.
scouts, and some of them were restrained in their outlook; they were reluctant to express concerns about his move. Others, however, were not so circumspect.
Here's what scouts said about their fears that other, less-talented players could unwisely follow Bosa's path.
  • "I don't think Bosa leaving is good for scouting. It will start a trend if he is drafted in top 10. Scouts will still evaluate the tape, which will be good. But he will need to go through the interviews and teams will need to determine if he is a team player. (Is he an) all-in guy? If the information coming back from schools say that he isn't, then it could hurt him. He could turn into a Le'Veon Bell, holding out for contracts, etc."
  • "My personal opinion is that it sucks. It just sucks because he's hurting his team. And it's always good to see more (film). The more we can see him in big games, the better. They'll have games against Michigan, the conference championship, probably the playoff. You like to see all that. You want to see if guys are team players, that they'll play thru injuries, they'll do anything to get on the field. All this being said, you also understand that he has to do what is best for him. And at the end of the day, I don't think it impacts him at all. He's still really talented and if you want to pick the player, I don't think this sways you from that. So no, I don't think it impacts him and his status at all, but the situation still kinda sucks for us doing our job." 
  • "Here's my take on it. Bosa, No. 1, has a resume, a body of work that's good enough. No. 2, you're talking about mostly coming back for 1-2 games, plus maybe the playoffs. He has not done anything football-related for months, and he's coming off a core injury. The core attaches to everything, and you're talking about football activities, pushing 300-pound men around. And he hasn't worn football pads, his shoulder pads, for months. One thing we always ask at draft time is, when was the last time he had a helmet on? He ain't football-ready. . . Because he's so high profile, he had to make an announcement. . . Most likely it could start a trend. Why wouldn't it? But is the trend for the good, or is it an excuse? Every case is different, and in this case, it's different. But you might have a guy with a mild injury and might shut it down. It's like the transfer rule. Kids are putting together a four-game resume and shutting it down. Is it a trend? Yeah, absolutely. Is it for good? I don't know. Those individual cases, we'll have to (see) if it hurts them or not. But he's starting a trend. Some guys will get four games in the can, then he's gonna worry about the draft, and not get an agent, then transfer out if it's not good for him draft-wise."
  • "I think when players decide to do what Bosa does, you have to have a very good level of talent. He has some leverage in his abilities. Gronk missed his third year at Arizona with a back (issue), so the situation was a bit different. Dropped him to the second round. However, as you evaluate Bosa and his brother at (Los Angeles), they (have) not been healthy. That's a concern. Yes this is business, but (are you) finishing what you started?"
  • "Will be evaluated in film, pro day showing and interview. If he was a top 10 talent when he got hurt, as long as medical checks out, he will be top 10 talent for draft."
  • "Obviously, we want to see as large of a sample size as possible on any player. I imagine that the trend will only continue.  I understand players wanting to protect themselves and their potential earnings.  What I worry about is the misinformation/incorrect information many players receive. I just want them to make informed decisions, just like in the underclassmen process. As for scouting - it muddies the water for us, but in the end, it just gives us one more piece of evidence to investigate." 
  • "It probably won't impact Nick's draft spot. There (are) enough games (to evaluate). Not good for scouting. He's picking his future over his team, which is 7-0 (and) competing for (a national championship). His dad is obviously (high) maintenance. . . College coaches see him quitting as NFL's fault."
  • "I think it's bad for more the trend. There will be good and bad for both us and him to this. We want to see more tape, and while I know what he is, I question his love for the game to just leave, you know? He could have stayed and helped his team. He clearly has his eye on NFL 100% and has since start of season.But he is so good it doesn't have much effect on that stuff. Big thing is medical. Really need medical even more to make sure he is healed 100%."
Will leaving midseason become a trend? As schools grapple with the new four-game rule as well as grad transfers, will it create even more volatility in college football? Will it help create a culture of disposable eligibility? It's too early to tell but everyone who cares about the game will be watching.
While we wait, here's a look at what else we saw, heard, read and said in the world of football business last week.
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