July 27, 2018

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The Week in Football: July 21-27
NFL training camps are back in session, and while that means it's back to work for everyone in the NFL, it means fans across the nation are setting aside sales, reports and meetings to get a better feel for their favorite teams' rookies. Will the newest draft picks be immediate difference-makers? Will they be busts? The faithful want to know.
Unfortunately, some NFL scouts say it's fruitless to expect such answers so soon. Others, however, say you can get a pretty good idea rather quickly. We got a very mixed response when we asked scouts across the league this question: Can you get a good idea of how good your draft was from training camp? By the time you get a few weeks in, do you already know who your hits and misses are?
We got about a dozen responses, and they were split pretty much down the middle.
The 'no crowd said the sample size isn't sufficient to make any forecasts.
"You can get a feel for the players, sure, but I think it takes time to evaluate it as a whole," said one. "A small training camp look isn't the full picture in my opinion. After Year 1, you should know."
"I think you start leaning towards hit and misses for sure, but it's very early in the development process and some guys do take more time than others," said another. "Athletic traits stick out early in
The early reviews on Ravens first-rounder Lamar Jackson are positive, but what does that really mean?
camp, which can create some knee-jerk reactions, but at some point, scheme/FBI and how guys respond to live bullets (preseason games) comes into play, which starts to determine hits and misses as well."
Others said you could measure some things, but not really football acumen: "Just can tell if they came in out of shape more than anything." Still others said that limited contact meant limited ability to evaluate: "Don't really know until it gets real." Otherwise, "it's not the end of the world" if they start off slowly.
On the other hand, some scouts said that though the sample size is small, the ability to see a player up against professionals, in your own system, gives you a pretty good idea of who can play and who can't. While they were measured in their responses, they were sure they could see things that count.
  • "You will have a pretty good idea who can contribute and who will need some time to develop."
  • "Obviously, some guys are late bloomers, and so it's not always easy to make that determination on guys that look meh. But busts usually stand out right away."
  • "It doesn't take long to an experienced eye. Now, personnel people who are stubborn and don't want to admit or see their own mistakes can't make that distinction. But it shows up quickly when they integrate with the veterans. Some plays can surprise in a positive way and outperform their initial grade." 
  • "Yes, especially with skills players. You can tell early on through drills whether the players have the speed and athleticism you thought they had when you drafted them. Lineman may take a while. Need to see them in live game action. I think teams get an early indication of who can help them this year, which players are talented, but may take a while, practice squad candidates, and if they are honest with themselves, the ones they missed on."
At the end of the day, it's probably a matter of degrees, as one scout pointed out.
"The 'for sure' ones - yes!," he said. "The rest, ask me after the season! Late draft choices have to prove that they can play special teams to have a helmet on game day! 46 helmets on Sunday ball."
Here's a look at what else we saw, heard, read and said in a busy week of getting back to business in the football world.
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Rep Rumblings: We had three reports this week, with most of our focus on the email sent out last week introducing the Pro Football Agents Association and its attempts to address issues facing contract advisors and how the NFLPA can address them. Monday, we had an overview of the email, and Tuesday, we focused more on the benefits of the changes proposed by the PFAA. Wednesday, we were back to our regular 'programming' as we passed along the latest agency getting out of the football business, looked at an interesting redshirt junior who could be leaving early (and what person will be part of the vetting process), another college coach-agent relationship and recruiting buzz. We'll have more of the same next week. Our 2018 Rep Rumblings are all here.
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Succeed in Football: Today, we looked back at Agent Week 2018. Our post included a look at our survey and the results we got back on test-takers' satisfaction with our agent prep materials, as well as presenting info gathered on this year's seminar and exam, and what they'd like to see changed. All in all, the news was good and there were few surprises. Though the PA didn't get straight A's, most of the people we talked to said there were few curveballs and that they were tested fairly. Have a look at our blog post here, and for all our posts since June 2014, click here.
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