July 16, 2018

This email is directed at any NFLPA-certified contract advisor interested in how the NFL draft works as well as the months leading up to the draft. Note: We are not endorsed, sponsored, or otherwise affiliated with the NFLPA.
Odds and Ends
It's game week! Hope you're getting comfortable with accrued seasons, the 30 percent rule, the waiver process and what not. As you put the finishing touches on your exam prep, we thought we'd tie up a few loose ends.
Exam 2 issues: As you know, we introduced Exam 2 this year, and it's still in beta phase, which makes you, our audience, the beta testers. We've had a few clients reach out with questions about the questions, and if you have one, please email us with the question number, the question itself, and what confuses you. We'll have our test-writer compile the most popular ones and respond with a fuller answer on Wednesday. Remember, this is for Exam 2 only. So if you haven't picked up Exam 2 yet  and want to, make sure to do it soon.
Back issues: Many of you didn't climb aboard the 'newsletter train' until recently, so you've missed a lot of editions. We want everyone to have the tips and stories we've provided so far at their fingertips, so here's a quick rundown of every issue during the '18 exam run-up. 

6/4 - Training Camp 6/25 - 2018 Case Study: Artigua White
6/5 - Reality Check
6/26 - 2018 Case Study: John Maghamez
6/6 - About the Practice Exam
6/27 - 2018 Case Study: Tate Martin
6/7 - 2018 Case Study: Matt Stankiewicz
6/28 - 2018 Case Study: Casey Martin

6/11 - 2018 Case Study: Bryan Gavin 7/2 - 2018 Case Study: Cally Bekhor
6/12 - 2018 Case Study: Matt Glose 7/3 - In the Meantime
6/13 - 2018 Case Study: Luke McMurtrey
7/4 - Two Weeks (and a Day) To Go
6/14 - 2018 Case Study: Alexa Stabler
7/5 - Take a Breath

6/18 - 2018 Case Study: Sam Spina
7/9 -2018 Case Study: Bertram Bell

6/19 - 2018 Case Study: Chris Chapman
7/10 - 2018 Case Study: Tory Dandy

6/20 - 2018 Case Study: Jared Leigh
7/11 - 2018 Case Study: John Thornton

6/21 - 2018 Case Study: Tyler Urban
7/12 - 2018 Case Study: Malki Kawa

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