July 4, 2018

This email is directed at any NFLPA-certified contract advisor interested in how the NFL draft works as well as the months leading up to the draft. Note: We are not endorsed, sponsored, or otherwise affiliated with the NFLPA.
Two Weeks (and a day) To Go
Well, we're now a couple weeks from the 2018 NFLPA Contract Advisor Exam. Hopefully, your preparation has gone well and you're raring to go. Here are a couple thoughts as we round third and head for home.
Save $$$ when you can: One lesson that will serve you well as a new agent is that you should save money every chance you get. A corollary to that lesson is, NFLPA discounts are not always true 'discounts.' In other words, the NFLPA rate at the Ritz-Carlton in Washington, D.C., will save you money over the regular rate, but not as much as if you stay across the street. If you're on an expense account, it probably doesn't matter, but if you're paying your own way, and you'd like to save a little dough, we recommend the Washington Marriott, which is about a block from the Ritz and across the street. It's clean, and will give you a solid room with good service. Not the Ritz, of course, but plenty of value for your money and you'll save a few bucks, which is especially important if you can't get a flight out Friday evening and you have to stay over until Saturday. 

Another option: If you've never used AirBnB, I highly recommend it. It's becoming my go-to place to look for reasonably priced lodging when I travel. They're not a sponsor and I don't get anything out of it if you book (unless you use my code, which will also save you $20 off your rate), but I've been really pleased by what I've gotten when I've used the service. Last year, I got a house in Daytona Beach just about a mile from the Tropical Bowl in January, then got a sweet apartment a couple blocks from the Indiana Convention Center for the combine. It was a real home run. Click here to get started looking around Washington, D.C.
Cheap dining: As for restaurants, there are a couple of sandwich shops within walking distance that are OK for lunch on Thursday and Friday. If you want to get out on Wednesday or Thursday evening, the Bier Baron is just a couple blocks from the Ritz. It's mostly a hole in the wall, but it has an awesome selection of burgers, with hundreds of beers on tap. We're not talking five-star dining, but it's priced reasonably and very low-key. Surprisingly, if you get in Wednesday night and are looking to wind down with a beer, you may have to walk a bit. Most bars in the area close rather early.

Happy 4th!
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Sincerely, Neil Stratton
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