Massachusetts Association of Minority Law Enforcement Officers Newsletter
Issue Number 15
 March 2017
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On February 7, 2017 the   humiliation of a woman was heard around the Globe when Senator Elizabeth Warren was silenced for attempting to read Mrs. Coretta Scott King's letter denouncing the nomination of Jeffrey Sessions for Judgeship.
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Dear Friends and Members,

I would like to say thank you to those who have been tuning in and sharing the MAMLEO Radio Program. We changed our name to @ The Round Table with MAMLEO. Your support is greatly appreciated.  We have a new IT person working with us, his name is Jeff Durham.  Jeff is responsible for the changes on the website and the success of the radio program.   In the coming months you will see changes to the newsletter as well.  

Last month MAMLEO opened its doors to Ujaama Bazaar hosted by the Black Economic Justice Institute (BEJI).  It was a month long Bazaar where Black artisans and vendors showcased their talents to the community. Beautiful hats and and one of kind jewelry all made by Black and Brown hands, and topping that off fried chicken and waffles.

In the coming months you will see many more community oriented events happening at MAMLEO. Also I would like to extend a heart felt thanks to those who came out in support of our "fundraiser" for the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice.  Though your efforts twenty-five hundred dollars ($2,500.00) was raised.

MAMLEO sends get well wishes to Dave Williams ,Linda Strother Lyons and Bobby Tabb.  We wish you a speedy recovery. We send condolences to Robert E. Hayden Jr. on the death of his father, (Retired) Deputy Superintendent Robert E. Hayden Sr., Boston Police Department, Chief, Brockton and Lawrence Police Departments, Police Officer Timothy Smith on the death of his brother, Mr. David Smith, Police Officer Norman Texeria on the death of his father Mr. Norman P. Jones and Mr. Gary Bracey on the death of his mother, Mrs. Louise  Bracey.   May they rest in peace.  We e xtend our congratulations to Detective Chris Moreno on his retirement, be well and enjoy life.  

While we extend congratulations to the BPPA in getting the City to agree to contract negotiations though issue of the "hair test" remains unresolved.  Let us not be fooled as to the reasons why.  Who does it impact?


Denise DePina Reed
A Message from the President
Larry Ellison, President of MAMLEO

Thank you to the many who took time out of their day February 21, 2017 to support a fellow officer in need of moral support.  It is gratifying to see your colleagues standing with you when your confidence is in need of a boost.  At this time there have been 17 officers of color who have been terminated by this Administration.   As much as I hate repeating myself, if you think this is a situation that will not become your problem ask around.  It takes little to nothing for you to become a guest of "IAD". Who will stand for you, who will support you?  

 Through the work of the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice it was discovered that 1.6 million dollars of taxpayer monies has been spent impeding the progress of the discriminatory "hair" test.  Also since 2011 White officers constitute about 65% of the Department and more than four-fifths of the supervisory officers.  But as always the answer for this is "We have the most diverse command staff in the history of the Department".  When are we really going to address the issue of diversity before this Department begins to mirror 1960? 

We were given a promise by Commissioner Davis in 2009 which was echoed by current Commissioner Evans to diversify those units known as the Gang, Drug and Canine Units. Also at that time you could readily get information on the make up of those units.  Now when trying to find out how many units we have and the racial make up of those units, its classified information.  Why would something you can readily get in any other city be classified in Boston? 

On a much lighter note, MAMLEO extends a warm welcome and congratulations to Mr. Michael Gaskins, Diversity Recruitment Officer and Examination Administrator. As we look to improve diversity within the Boston Police Department ,we at MAMLEO look forward to working with you.  
The Massachusetts Association of Minority Law Enforcement Officers would like to take this opportunity to send our condolences to the families of Police Officer Eric Mumaw, Nashville Police Department, Tennessee, Lieutenant Steven Floyd, Delaware Department of Corrections, Delaware, Sergeant Greg Meagher, Richmond County Sheriff's Office, Georgia, Detective Steven McDonald, New York Police Department,Police Officer Nathan B. Graves, Sac and Fox Police Department, Tribal Police Oklahoma and Police Officer Keith Boyer, Whittier Police, Los Angeles, California.   

Our thoughts and prayers are with their families as well as the extended family of brother and sister officers in their time of sorrow.  May they rest in peace.
The Immigrant Learning Center is hosting the Sixth (6th) Annual Immigrant Entrepreneur Awards on May 4, 2017 (Save the Date). Nominate an exceptional immigrant  business owner in your community, who has thrived in business growth, neighborhood business high tech business or life science business.  Nominations are being accepted until March 10, 2017.  Awards banquet to be held at Royal Sonesta Hotel, Cambridge, Massachusetts. For more information contact

Joining the Human Resources team is Michael Gaskins, the new Diversity Recruitment Officer and Exam Administrator. Michael brings a wealth of experience with over 15 years in Career Professional Development, Recruiting, and community outreach. Prior to joining the BPD Michael worked as the Assistant Director of Career Services at the University of Massachusetts Boston where he oversaw operations and planning for job fairs, internship programming, and workshop/curriculum for professional development seminars for the university. Michael also worked with pre-collegiate programs and Veterans Upward Bound at UMass. He is a long-standing resident of Roxbury, very active in his community through volunteer and fraternal organizations and he excited to be part of our diversity recruiting initiative.

Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice is considering hiring a full-time paralegal.  Candidate must be wicked smart, extremely hard working, not afraid to work more than 40 hours/week, highly self motivated, passionate and hungry for civil rights and racial justice work, and fearless.  If this is you contact:  Ivan Espinoza-Madrigal, Esq.  Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice 61 Batterymarch Street Boston, Massachusetts 02110 (617) 988-0624. 

The Boston Black Ministers United for Change has initiated a "Political Report Card Project" in that they have sent out a questionnaire to elected officials including the Mayor asking them to answer and return.  These officials will be graded on their work for the City.  We as a community have long just sat back allowing ourselves to be swayed by campaign promises and a new street sign.   Time for change, you were sent to City Hall and the State House, "Do Your Job"!  I suspect you will hear that across the country all the way to the 2018 elections.
Scott and Malik
Each month we are going to include a short story of how a child's life has been impacted and changed through the Big Brothers Big Sisters.  This month read Scott and Malik's extraordinary bond.
Senate Rule XIX

On Tuesday, February 7, 2017 Senator Elizabeth Warren was silenced on the House floor using a little known Senate Rule XIX.  The moment it was invoked she was not allowed to say anything further in regards to Senator Jeffrey Sessions, who had been nominated for Attorney General.  She had attempted to read a letter written by the Late Coretta Scott King regarding the nomination of Jeffrey Sessions for a federal judgeship.  

This rule states that no Senator shall speak ill of another during a debate.  This Rule was brought forth because  South Carolina Senator Benjamin Tillman punched follow Senator John McLoren after McLoren called Tillman a "malicious liar" all taking place on the floor of the Senate.  This same Tillman gave a speech on the Senate floor March 23,  1900 stating , " We of the South have never recognized the right of the negro to govern White men and we never will.  We have never believed him to be equal to the White man, and we will not submit to his gratifying his lust on our wives and daughters without lynching him.  I wish to God the last one of them was in Africa and that none of them had ever been brought to our shores"

This is the same racist  who condemned Booker T. Washington being invited to the White House by President Roosevelt.  In fact, Tillman was heard to have said, "More than a thousand "niggers" should be lynched as a result of that particular decision.  

If you think about it these Senators protected a violent racist with Senate Rule XIX back in 1902 and they are protecting another one,today, Senator Jeff Sessions.  

For every woman who has felt the sting of a man trying to silence her,  trying  to tell her know your place, this should be a reminder.   Remember those words "She was warned, she was given an explanation, nevertheless she persisted."   

Denise DePina Reed
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Hyde Park, Mass


Horace (Ponch) Kincade, (Retired) Gregory Matthews, Lieutenant Marwan Moss, (Retired) Patricia Washington and (Retired) Gerald Cofield

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