The Immune System Myth

The common narrative is that as we age or the seasons change we should expect to get sick more often.

At Beyond Wellness we know that our immune system is amazing, but certain deficiencies create weakened immune symptoms. Luckily, we can do something about it!

We also know you were born perfect - you were not born sick.

So what is at the root of your immune system dysfunction?


What are some common interferences to optimal health?


  • Nutrient insufficiency
  • Impaired cellular function
  • Toxicity (environmental toxins)
  • Food sensitivities
  • Hidden infection
  • Neuro-emotional imbalance
  • Spiritual imbalance


All these have solutions at Beyond Wellness!

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A key component of supporting the immune system is improving cellular function - but how do we do that?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy provides foundational support to your body by saturating cells and tissues with oxygen (fuel).

Hyperbaric oxygen is provided at levels 350 times more than atmospheric oxygen because it is delivered under gentle pressure.

This extra fuel enables your body to repair more rapidly, and your cells to produce more ATP cellular energy. 


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3 Ways HBOT Helps Improve the Immune System


Increase white blood cell activation: White blood cells seek and destroy infections but cannot do this effectively without oxygen as their fuel. Our soft-sided hyperbaric chambers saturate your body’s cells with 350 times more oxygen than normal day to day air, as well as being pressurized - enabling oxygen to be absorbed quickly into organs and blood plasma.


Eliminate anaerobic pathogens: Most pathogens, the bacteria that lower our immune system and make us sick, are anaerobic, and thrive in environments without oxygen. Conversely, the majority of our probiotics, the beneficial bacteria constituting our microbiome, are aerobes and require oxygen for sustenance. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy plays a pivotal role in harmonizing our microbiome by eliminating pathogens and providing the necessary oxygen for our healthy bacteria to flourish.


Increase good cytokines: Cytokines have an effect on inflammation and the immune system - some cause inflammation, some decrease inflammation. HBOT has been shown to promote a decrease in the inflammatory chemicals and increase the anti-inflammatory chemicals.

If you’re looking to boost your immune system and your body’s ability to

Repair, Restore and Heal

at any part of your health journey, schedule a consultation to learn how oxygen therapy can revolutionize your health regimen.

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