January 2021

Comprehensive estate planning is essential for every adult. Your plan should address the needs of all your loved ones at your death, regardless of whether you are single, married or divorced. It is crucial however, to consult with an experienced estate planning attorney if you belong to a blended family. A blended family is one where the parents have children from previous relationships, but they have combined to form a new family.

Blended families, also called stepfamilies or reconstituted families, can be created whether the new partners legally marry or remain as unmarried, committed partners. The family structure and legal relationships within blended families introduce a layer of complexity that makes planning for your loved ones’ futures more crucial than ever.

Join Laura Brancato, Esq., on March 9 at 12:00 PM (EST) to learn more about the impact that a blended family can have upon your estate plan. Are you a client who has remarried or who has children from a prior relationship? This Zoom conference will provide vital information to protect against future litigation and help assure harmony among your loved ones. 

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