Catholic Sisters Week - March 8-14, 2021
How Sister Joachim Von Arx Impacted My Life
When I think back to attending the College of St. Teresa, there are so many Sisters that come to mind, but the one with whom I became the closest was Sister Joachim Von Arx. Sister Joachim was from my hometown of Hokah, Minnesota, and although I had never met her prior to attending St. Teresa’s, we became great friends. 

I was very homesick during my freshmen year. (Hokah is only 30 minutes from Winona but it seemed like a million miles away!) Sister Joachim heard I was homesick and took me under her wing. She would invite me to have lunch with her and the other Sisters living in Alverna Hall, and she would share stories about growing up in Bush Valley outside of Hokah. I found out that I knew many of her family members as well, so we had a lot to talk about.  
Submitted by Geri Patschull, CST Class of 1982
Reflections from College of Saint Teresa Alumnae
The College of Saint Teresa (CST) was a Catholic women's college in Winona, Minnesota. Previously a women's seminary, it became a college in 1907 and was operated by the 
Sisters of Saint Francis of Rochester, Minnesota until its closing in 1989.

In recognition of Catholic Sisters Week, we asked several alumnae to share their memories of the Sisters serving at CST and the impact it made on their lives.