Catholic Sisters Week - March 8-14, 2021
The Impact Made by Sister Marlene Pinzka, Ph.D.
I know the Sisters of Saint Francis touched many students’ lives at the College of Saint Teresa, but I have to admit one favorite Sister changed my life forever. I met her my freshman year as my teacher for a math class. I thought she was a wonderful math teacher, but I really didn’t have an affinity for math. I LOVED science, and spent my first few years gobbling up all the science classes I could. Our paths would not cross again until late in my junior year at CST.

During the Spring of my junior year, there was a ceremony out in the courtyard outside of Lourdes Hall. I really wasn’t familiar with this tradition called “Campus Court” and as the names were called out for the court, I wasn’t really paying all that much attention until they got to the last name, “The Queen,” and somehow, they called my name! All of a sudden, I am standing up in front of the group in complete shock. This must be a mistake! I demand a recount! I thought to myself. Maybe I could be a member of Campus Court, but I sure couldn’t lead the group! How could this happen? People must not realize all my faults and weaknesses. 

Submitted by Rose Campanaro Carlson, CST Class of 1987
Reflections from College of Saint Teresa Alumnae
The College of Saint Teresa (CST) was a Catholic women's college in Winona, Minnesota. Previously a women's seminary, it became a college in 1907 and was operated by the 
Sisters of Saint Francis of Rochester, Minnesota until its closing in 1989.

In recognition of Catholic Sisters Week, we asked several alumnae to share their memories of the Sisters serving at CST and the impact it made on their lives.