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Laurie Jefferson
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Q. What's the secret to 15 years of successful employment at the court?
A. Patience, loyalty, and dedication. Patience, as the day has many unexpected events and doesn't go as you planned. Patience when dealing with people.  As emotions tend to rise, people do not know what to expect from court proceedings. You, as the public server, must remain calm and get everyone through the day.

Portrait Unveiling 
Judge Frank Murphy

On January 18th, Judge Timothy Kenny hosted the unveiling of the Portrait of Judge Frank Murphy.  The unveiling was attended by many, including Sheri Thelander, the granddaughter of the artist, J. Raeburne Middleton; her husband, John Goodwin; James McNitt, the great grandson; and Kathy Maiale, the great granddaughter.  The portrait was donated by the family of Kathleen Raeburne Middleton, wife of the artist.  Judge Deegan also was present and he shared the story of how his father was the driver for Frank Murphy when he was the Governor of the State of Michigan. 
The unveiling may be viewed by using the QR code.

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Here's a New Year resolution to consider that does not involve physical exertion or cash.  Resolve to add a smile to your daily routine.  Research shows that smiling improves your mood, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, and strengthens your immune system; and smiling improves relationships.  People who smile are more likable.  The Third Circuit Court wishes you a Happy New Year and many smiles!


On December 7th, The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History awarded Judge Craig Strong a Certificate of Appreciation for his tireless commitment, steadfast dedication, and generous fundraising in support of The Wright Museum.  Judge Strong has been a supporter of the museum for more than four decades.

 Legal Help May Only Be A Phone Call Away  

As printed on its website, "Lakeshore Legal Aid takes pride in providing Southeast Michigan with excellence in advocacy and civil legal counsel since 1966."
Regina Thomas is the Director of the Call Center (CALL) where citizens of the 46 counties in Michigan are able to receive automated and live phone assistance with a variety of legal issues such as landlord-tenant, divorce and child support, housing, public benefits, and consumer protection. 
CALL has been operating since 1997.  In 2017, CALL opened 15,220 cases.   Eligible clients receive immediate legal advice and brief services, and ineligible callers are offered private bar and social service referrals.  
Director Thomas states that the Call Center, along with the Michigan Legal Self-Help website, is able to provide needed assistance to those who are unable to afford legal representation. 
The Call Center hours are 9 am - 7 pm on Monday through Thursday and from 9 am - 3 pm on Friday. 
The number to call is (888) 783-8190. 

Building a Legal Community
Wayne County has over 1.7 million citizens according to the most recent U.S. Census.  The Court has a responsibility to ensure access to the diverse citizenry.  One way the Court is hoping to ensure that access is by Court Administration reaching out to the local affinity and special bar associations to share its strategic plan, to learn more about the associations' missions and activities, and to solicit input and feedback on current or desired court services.

The Wayne County Family Law Bar Association: 
Anita Scott Miesel serves as the President.  Anita is also a referee with the Wayne County Friend of the Court.  In addition to the annual holiday gathering and fall golfing event, the WCFLBA intends to include programming that equip family law practitioners and will also co-sponsor an ADR luncheon with the ADR section.  

The Arab American Bar:
Detroit is the home to one of the largest, oldest, and most diverse of Arab American population.   The Arab American Bar Association hosts learning and social events throughout the year.   Alyia Hakim, the current president of the Arab American Bar, stopped by Court Administration in early January to share her information about the bar association and its plans for 2018.  She expressed how the recently implemented attorney vouchering system was greatly appreciated by assigned counsel as well. 

The Women Lawyers Association of Michigan:
President Julie A. Gafkay serves as the President, which is striving to secure the full and equal participation of women in the legal profession.  The Court congratulates the WLAM on celebrating its centennial anniversary.  The WLAM has planned a gala for April 27, 2018 at the Colony Club in Detroit.  Details will be available on the WLAM website.  In late November, the Court and WLAM collaborated to establish lactation rooms at each court location.  
The Detroit Bar Association:
The Detroit Bar Association has been an ongoing partner with the Third Circuit Court Domestic Relations Clinics and Civil Bench-Bar Conferences.  The Clinics provide legal help to self-represented clients on child support and divorce matters.  The Clinics are held monthly in the Penobscot Building conveniently located near the Friend of the Court space.  The Civil Bench - Bar events were re-instituted in 2017 and offered the attorneys and judges an opportunity to discuss matters such as the No Fault and Auto Negligence issues.  "The Inside Track on Mediation" will be the first Bench-Bar Conference of 2018 and will be followed by a spring and fall conference later in the year. 

General Counsel's Office Community Outreach

The MEP Girls after-school tutoring program focuses on Math & Reading improvement for girls in 1st-12th grade. The girls can receive rewards for Academic Achievements throughout the year. General Counsel's office, as a community outreach event, chose to help restock their Prize Closet on the Wish List.  The staff purchased a variety of items for the girls-Bananagrams, Math Fact Bingo, Mini Mouth Word Game, Scented Gel-pens, Slime kits, and cute mini purses.  Before the Holiday break, the girls competed in academic games during their Holiday event and the purses they sent were the hot items to win. 


The Purchasing and Facilities Department is comprised of four full-time employees.  They are located in suite 792 of the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center and they supply and assist with the timely delivery of mail, housecleaning, judicial and employee transportation, furniture installs or removals, security, and all the Court's purchasing needs, such as envelopes and business cards for staff.  Recently the department underwent a major transformation, going from paper requisitions to conducting most of their business online.  They also have a mailbox, similar to the "Helpdesk" ticket, that staff can send a request to provide transportation or to indicate that it is too hot or too cold in an area at .  They will be able to prioritize and not lose track of items.
They are proud to be a part of all of the "behind the scenes" type of work that most would not even notice that the department had something to do with.  They work as a team and are constantly striving to do better and become more efficient with their service.  Purchasing and Facilities follows the guidelines and holds true to the strict standards set forth by the State and by the Court to remain compliant, at the same time, moving into the future with newer and better technology.
Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year from the Facilities team!