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February 2017
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     Four topics this month. Really, the only objective they share is helping you succeed in business. Not a bad goal, I think.

Market Assessment and User Input        
     The current focus on customers, their needs, their preferences, and their interactions with your products (i.e. their "user experiences") is profound, appropriate and long overdue. After all, your customers - real and imagined - are the most important attribute of your business!
     I've written a great deal on this topic over the years. I'd like to reprise a few of my earlier shared thoughts on the topic today:

     Maybe you will take away some strategies that will enhance your future ability to learn from your customers. If so, please let me know if you learned anything new.

Dealing with the Second Law        
     Any significant business is engaged in one or both of only two activities at any given time: (1) defending against disorder/disaster or (2) creating a new order of success for itself.
     The tendency to disorder is compelled by the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Don't think basic physics has anything to do with business? Think again. Check out the rationale, and see what you can do to minimize disorder and come out ahead.

Healthcare Markets and the 2016 Election        
     Are the effects of the new administration on healthcare and its markets a little hard to figure right now? You bet. Will some try to guess at the answers anyway? Yep.
     Decision Resources, the long-standing consulting firm in the Boston suburbs has taken a shot at it. Specifically, they examine the likely effects on pharma, medtech, insurance and hospitals in a webinar, which you can hear and see here. The full presentation is 48 minutes long, but you can get through pharma and medtech in less than 9 minutes.

Help Your Teams Succeed        
     Few would argue against the importance of team success in business. Sadly, most leadership teams (actually 79%) perform at a poor or mediocre level! So say Sean Gallagher and Charles Leddy in a recent article entitled "Why Most Teams Fail & How Yours Can Succeed." You can read it here.
     Sean Gallagher is a collaborator of ours, an acknowledged expert and coach who advises on team performance. I highly recommend your attention to his advice.

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