Clinical Relevance spells Success for Biotricity's Medical Wearables
Marina del Rey, CA - January 30, 2017 We initiated Biotricity (BTCY) coverage in July 2016 and provided an updated Research Report #2 on January 10, 2017. We will continue to update you on relevant events at Biotricity on a regular basis. Find below an interview of the Company's CEO, Waqaas Al-Siddiq, discussing the importance of ensuring the clinical relevance of Medical Wearables in an interview with MPO Magazine.  Download the updated SWI Research Report below.

Clinical Relevance spells Success for Medical Wearables

Medical-grade wearables have the potential to fill the care-gap and offer patients with chronic illnesses the long-term support that they need. Biotricity’s CEO and Founder, Waqaas Al-Siddiq, discusses the importance of ensuring the clinical relevance of medical wearables in an interview with MPO. Biotricity is striving to create a simple solution that will integrate seamlessly into the doctor’s existing workflow, billing systems, and have an interface created for ease of patient use.

It is important to understand the different between fitness bands and medical-grade wearables. Waqaas says, “Where fitness bands can help measure and monitor mobility to help with fitness goals, wearables that are medical devices impact both the diagnosis and prevention of cardiac diseases.” Waqaas explains that a health tracker does not produce data that is made for physician use, it is not accurate enough nor is it customizable in the way that a medical wearable should be. A fitness wearable is meant only as a lifestyle aid and therefore need not be benchmarked to achieve medical FDA approval.
To earn FDA approval, a medical-grade wearable is benchmarked against previously tested, reliable technologies before it can claim to be a clinical diagnostic tool. Benchmarking is also relevant when it comes to patients and consumers. “People abandon wearables mainly because there is no feedback mechanism and long-term clinical value to them,” says Waqaas. A medical-grade wearable should integrate a constant feedback loop, where the patient and doctor receive accurate and relevant data in near real-time so that imminent health issues can be address, and changes in health care regimens can be adjusted.
The most important first step, Waqaas reiterates, “is becoming clinically accurate so that both patient and doctor can trust the data.” There are plenty of new technologies out there for doctors to choose from. To ensure relevance and adoption, it is imperative that new medical-grade wearable technologies benchmark their precision, fit into existing healthcare workflows, and be designed for patient-use—otherwise they will be obsolete before they even hit market.
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Rainer Poertner - Chief Analyst
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