Volume 8, Issue 12 | December 2019

Greetings of the season, whatever that means to you!

Ya know, it really dawned on me this week how phenomenal this time of year is.

Regardless of one’s culture, traditions, religion, or philosophy (I personally do not follow any organized religion), the fact that for more than one month out of twelve, people get very focused on character and values I find astounding! And, thrilled, to say the least.

Forgetting about the material side (that’s another story), this time of year focuses on hope, peace, love, and joy. Amazing in today’s world -- and delightful.

Now, of course, these are principles that are always present within you and me, but unfortunately for far too many individuals, they seem to get lost or at least fade into the background during the rest of the year. But because of someone named Jesus, thought to have walked the earth centuries and centuries ago, a phenomenon emerged that put the focus on his teachings of hope, peace, love, and joy at least for some portion of the year. And, it has lasted throughout the years in some form. This phenomenon gets us into the Christmas Spirit! Just think of all the music written, sung, and orchestrated; family traditions developed; gifts exchanged; acts of kindness committed; and, business practices put into place all because of one man.

There must be a reason why all this activity centered around Jesus has endured these many years. This celebration of Jesus’ birth (and the Christ Consciousness within us) provides us with a strong reminder about the important things in life – relationships, internal and external -- and effortlessly sprouts opportunities to practice loving acts around them.

It seems that I start watching Christmas movies earlier and earlier each year. It’s because Christmas is a time where character and values are in focus. I don’t want to see qualities like kindness, caring, thoughtfulness, compassion, forgiveness, helping others, honesty, etc. just in December, but all the year through. I noted in December 2017’s newsletter a line in Peter, Paul, and Mary’s rendition of We Wish You a Merry Christmas: “Why can’t we have Christmas the whole year around?” It’s those qualities and how people tend to treat one another more lovingly that I yearn for in all movies, at all times of the year. I yearn for it in all my interactions every day. Don’t you?

I strive to live my life and treat others like it is Christmas every day. I fall short at times no doubt, but at least I, like others, have the holiday season to be especially mindful of exuding all the divine attributes with which I am endowed.

So, at this time of Winter Solstice, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and all other celebrations of light and the goodness of humankind, I wish you a season -- and beyond -- of hope, peace, love, and joy. May you remember, practice, and BE Christmas the whole year around.

See you in the next decade.

Blessings, Joyce

Joyce S. Kaye , MSW

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