Shugoll News: On the Record
Happy September!

Throughout my years at Shugoll Research, I have seen numerous changes and shifts in market research. Despite recent technical advances, in-person focus groups continue to provide invaluable insights into new product innovation, communications, and branding. To learn more, please read our recent blog post (below).

In Noteworthy News, we take a fascinating look at the idea of urban rebranding, and in particular the case of Pittsburgh.

The Importance of Focus Groups in Market Research
One chief drawback of technology is that it is slowly eroding away the time we spend interacting face to face. According to a  recent Pew Research survey , nearly 70 percent of Americans use technology and/or social media to connect with one another and share information. However, one market research tool is bucking the trend – the focus group.
Noteworthy News
Industrial Evolution: From Steel City to Sustainability Pioneer

Urban branding is an opportunity for a city to convey its image to the world. This article from AMA is a case study of how Pittsburgh is successfully rebranding itself.
Content Marketing: The Essentials of Marketing Strategy

In this blog article, we look at the differences, and offer some strategies, to consider when implementing content marketing for businesses.
How Do Customers Feel About Pumpkin Spice?

In the final days of summer, Quirk’s Media asks the question: “How do consumers feel about companies like Starbucks and Dunkin’ rolling out pumpkin spice so early? 
Shugoll Research Industry Experience: 
Associations and Not-for-Profits
Shugoll Research is uniquely qualified to help associations and not-for-profit organizations optimize their business decisions to address challenges and make the most of opportunities. We have helped numerous trade, consumer, and professional associations identify ways to grow membership and boost satisfaction and involvement among existing members.

Organizations that carry the mantle for many important social issues have used our expertise in generating financial support, identifying key audience segments, and testing the messages to influence opinion and policy.

A large part of our business is answering critical questions and providing actionable direction. Visit our website to learn about some of the questions Shugoll Research has helped Associations and Not-for-Profit clients answer over the years.