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August 2016 Newsletter
Jonathan Falwell explains why getting connected to a local center is so important for pastors and other in leadership.

Chris Rhodenhizer of Image Church (North Virginia) speaks to LCN about the importance of leading a local center.

Paul Dudley of One Community Church (Lynchburg, VA) shares his personal connection as a member of LCN and how it has impacted his church.
Using Social Media to Make Disciples
A Word From Nathan Cline (Winston Salem Local Center Leader)
"We have a 3-part strategy for making disciples:
1. In our worship experiences on the weekends
2. In homes across the city during the week
3. In your pocket every day

What, you've never made disciples in someone's pocket?  There are over 2 Billion smart phones in the world today, and effective churches would do well to capitalize on this great opportunity to make disciples.

Having a presence online through apps, social media, and vlogs is a crucial part of making disciples in the church today.  We focus so much of our time communicating a message on the weekend, but what about Tuesday afternoon?  What about Thursday around  9:43am ?

-Facebook has over 1.59 Billion active users
-Instagram has 400 Million
-Twitter has 320 Million
-Google+ has 300 Million
-Pinterest has 100 Million

Here's a great chart to help you know when to post online to get the most traction."
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