Many Events are Planned for Bend
Including a huge community event with film and stories
March 16 (6-8 pm) at 10 Barrel East Side

Learn from your past,
live in your present, manifest your future
I appreciate the warm welcome I have received from the Bend community. I'm told that is exactly what Bend is known for - along with incredible outdoor beauty and sports opportunities.

A bit about me: I am a third generation Professional Waterman, Ocean Advocate and (I've been told) a master story-teller. I have the family, the history and the gift, for which I am grateful, to have excelled in every action sport that has been a part of my life so far. Following in my parents' footstep's (Dad, Matt, is an as 18X world Champion and my mother, Shawneen also was a World Champion in Windsurfing), I began my career as a child. Traveling with my best friend, Connor Baxter, and sponsored by Starboard (for my entire career) we competed in windsurfing, gradually adding surfing, then Standup racing, surfing and now - foiling. 

In 2017 I published my first book, BENEATH THE SURFACE ( available here ). Response to my book has solidified my commitment to add a new "podium" beyond the one at competitions.

Each opportunity I have to speak to audiences young or old, in water sports or beyond, is a chance to share inspiration, solid practices that can create a "deep blue lifestyle," and easy to implement action steps. “ Innovate and Inspire” is a core philosophy I live by.
Events in Bend
I arrive in Bend on March 13 eager to meet with teens, athletes from all sports, parents, young people seeking hope, a dose of stoke and aloha, and lots of stories of life as a professional waterman traveling the world with its challenges and rewards. Connection to tradition, relentless belief in your dreams and a powerful opportunity to have a "Deep Blue Life" will all be included in the talk. Time and location TBD.

It is not east being a teen in today's world. At the same time, our generation is the one able to change things in a powerful and positive way. We need heroes and mentors - and they are right here if we know how to connect.

If you know someone who might benefit from this presentation, please SHARE the newsletter with them. Cost: FREE

Elementary and Middle School

I have been invited to speak with 4th and 5th graders at two elementary schools and I will be sharing my "Blue Life Journal" and some "Eat Green" cooking tips with a small group of middle school students.

I am creating a "Blue Life Journal" -a version for adults and one for kids -because I know that my daily practice of journaling has helped me reach my goals and dreams. "Blue Life" includes my commitment to inspire others to make choices and build habits that will improve the health of our Oceans - crucial to our very survival.

These students are part of my research and "know your audience" practice. Due out in late 2018.
Mt Bachelor Rotary Club

After meeting with 5 Rotary Clubs and doing community humanitarian projects in the Philippines, I connected with my home Rotary Club in Lahaina, HI.

I am so pleased to be able to meet Rotarians on March 16. The mission of Rotary resonates 100% with my personal philosophy.
Live The Deep Blue Life

Every day we make choices that impact our life, environment and eventually our Ocean. The Ocean is my office, my playground – even my church. The more I learn about the plight of our Ocean the more I want to make a difference in restoring it toward health. Here’s a video that begins to tell the story.
If you want to be a part of the Deep Blue Life community SIGN UP NOW: CONTACT FORM

I have many reasons for moving toward a deep blue life and one of the more extreme reasons being the commitment to a whole food plant-based diet. My only exception to this is if I have the chance to hunt or fish the food myself. The recipes and food tips that I’ll share will be in the Blue Life part of my newest e-newsletter.
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