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Europe Book Launch: BOOT Dusseldorf, Germany
There could hardly be a more exciting place to kick-off my 2018 book launch tour for  Beneath the Surface  (available on Amazon and my website ) than the BOOT in Dusseldorf, Germany. The BOOT is the biggest boat show in the world. For me, the City Wave brought in for the show and the Wave Masters event was a highlight.

It was great to return after BOOT 2017 and see many familiar faces. I arrived for the Wave Masters competition hungry to improve on my 2nd place finish from last year. I made sure to get more training sessions in the wave pool which gave me much more confidence. Another great help were the tips I got from the short board surfers in an earlier event. They shared information about fin placement and other options. The event was so much fun - and scoring a win at the Wave Masters was very satisfying .

Being an athlete and competing was just part of the fun. I was able to host a kids clinic and do a hydro foil demo in the huge indoor pool with a cable park. The final icing on the cake was kicking off my European book launch. There was a live feed broadcast throughout the dozens of halls and many screens displaying an image of my book. Being interviewed by the main host of the event allowed me to share my thoughts with the more than 2000 people in the hall with me.

I have to say that the ultimate highlight of the event was talking to people, many who were about my age, who had already read my book. They shared their gratitude for how I had enlightened them about the power of journaling. One guy said that the moment he finished the book he purchased the Five Minute Journal (Intelligent Change) and had written in it for 2 weeks straight. He even brought his journal to show me. #InnovateandInspire

You can order Beneath the Surface here !
I support products that align with my mission to keep our oceans, coral reefs and marine life as healthy as possible. Many sunscreens are dangerous for the Oceans - and not so good for us ( read more here )

Avasol sunscreen is good for the environment - in its ingredients AND its packaging. It works! Avasol stays on in and out of the water. The name says it all. "Ava", from the Samoan word for respect and "Sol" for the Sun that shines life on our planet. Respect the Sun.

InZane Clinics Coming To You!
Zane will be competing at the Carolina Cup. You can sign up for clinics and private lessons before and/or after the event.

The clinics will focus on Safe Practice and progression in a variety of ocean sports such as, Stand Up Paddling (Race and SUPSurf), Surfing and Hydrofoil and is also available for private lessons. Zane has taught over 200 people in 2017 and everyone saw drastic improvement and grew more confidant on the water!

Live The Deep Blue Life

I have many strategies for living a deep blue life. One is a commitment to a whole food plant-based diet. My only exception to this is if I have the chance to hunt or fish the food myself. I discover a lot of great recipes on the Minimalist Baker blog - here's a good one I enjoyed while doing my book launch in Bend, OR. Thanks for creating it for a wonderful potluck with great Bend, OR 'ohanas, KImberly Yap!
Maui Dream Retreat 2018
(April 23-28)

Counting down to our third Maui Dream Retreat "MDR" 2018, just round the corner and we are stoked. You'll make some incredible friends for life. The stoke is contagious. You'll get to learn and paddle with some of Maui's very fine talent like  Connor Baxter   Jeremy Riggs, Suzie Cooney and  myself.

I travel almost 10 months a year and my time at home on Maui is precious. One of my favorite things to do when I am on Maui is to host an InZane SUPer Grom clinic at Launiupoko Beach Park. We have fun, learn to be safe, always clean up the beach, and always avoid single use plastic.

Over the years so many families have been regular participants - and many of the groms show amazing talent, dedication to their sport and love with respect for the Ocean.

In coming months we will feature some of these outstanding groms. I f you want to nominate yourself or someone else, just use my CONTACT form
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