New Record: Maui2Moloka'i
Had a crazy exciting race yesterday hydrofoiling the Pailolo Channel for the 26 mile M2M (Maui to Moloka’i) crossing.  (FULL STORY HERE )

From the water start outside of Fleming’s Bay on West Maui I looked over my shoulder at the brave crew of Hydrofoilers taking on one of the first ever major FOIL events. On my side was Austin and Dave Kalama, Mark Rapahorss and Alen Kadiz. 

On the blast of the start horn, which was 40 minutes after the sup start, I popped to my feet and felt like I had already made it to the flying position after just 3 sprint strokes. Huge swells, close competition with Dave Kalama, decisions on the best line and dramatic weather/wind changes made this an amazing event for me.

 I was stoked to break the new record time across the channel and win overall between all crafts! My time was  2:24  with the help of the 25 knot winds and big swell- although the last 2 or 3 miles were into the wind and flat. If the wind was its normal NE Trades I believe I could have crossed the finish line foiling in near 2 hours! It was a tough paddle when landing in those last ~2 miles of flats dragging the foil on my 6’9” after max focus and pumping for 23 miles.

But man was it a fun session and run filled with countless epic full-speed drops and rides I couldn’t even time they were so long!! 

Big mahalo to my team for the support firstly to my Dad and his crew on the escort boat; Uncle Joe and uncle Scott Shoemaker, my coaches Larry Cain (Paddle Monster), Uncle Braddah Kamansi (Native Action) and my brother Matty Schweitzer! Also mahalo to my supporters and sponsors for the best equipment, Starboard 6’9” HyperNut, GoFoil Iwa, 5’ Revolwe BioLeash, VestPak Hydration, and as well Kim Yap and Donica Shouse for the meal prep and race fuel! 

It was an epic run!!

Meet Sailor (and Surfer) Ryan Porteous 
One of the best things about teaching SUP, surfing and foiling with my family's Maui Sports Adventures is the people we meet. Last week we had the pleasure of working with athlete, Ryan Porteous and his Mom. Ryan suffered a very challenging spinal cord injury but has not let that keep off or out of the water. This UC Santa Barbara graduate was selected for the Rio 2016 U.S. Paralympic Sailing Team and his water instincts were obvious during the great day we were able to spend with him.

We love the "I Can" individuals that inspire us all.
50th Anniversary of Windsurfing
In June we had celebrated the 50th anniversary of windsurfing in Sardinia Italy. Thank you to Pietro and Kirsten Porcella and the Porcella 'Ohana - Francisco, Niccolo and Jamie - for hosting such an incredible event. We all had so much fun! What an honor to see what my grandfather started.
This month's SUPer Grom is my niece Sage Kulani Schweitzer. At age 2 and a half, she has joined 3 generations before her by being an enthusiastic ocean waterwomen. She can swim perfectly, paddles and surfs into small waves at our home beach break with her father, Matty, and just the other day learned to standup paddle (even though she’s holding her Starboard paddle backwards). Her favorite thing to say is “Uncle Zane I need to surf!” 

It's ideal to feature her this month just after the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Windsurfing.

Ultimate Waterman, Zane Schweitzer, has translated his dedication and passion for saving the Oceans and inspiring "blue life" choices by joining forces with author, Judy Shasek, (Elder SUP) in designing a unique journal.

This journal is full of stories, background on why journal-writing is life-changing for you and powerful for the world-community and includes lots of ways to connect with like-minded Ocean-lovers.

The BLUE LIFE JOURNAL is designed as a daily tool for creating YOUR "blue life" habits, amazing days full of gratitude and YOUR part in saving the Oceans. In just a few minutes each morning you will embed new intention into your days. A few minutes of reflection in the evening will reinforce and celebrate your positive impact.
Video of the finishing stretch and winning pass in my Record-Breaking Maui2Moloka'i Run!!

Beach Cleanup -
Westin Waterman

Anyone who knows me knows that I am very passionate about being both an Aloha Ambassador and an ECO Ambassador. The impact of plastics on the ocean and its marine life is devastating and we all have a role in turning that tide.

On July 6 as part of the Westin Waterman program at the Westin Maui Resort & Spa, in Ka'anapali we had our second opportunity to connect visitors and locals alike to ways we all can reduce the negative impact of plastics.Our beach cleanup was a huge success with much interest in my new book, the BLUE LIFE JOURNAL .

Standup for the Cure Seattle

You can still plan to participate in SFTC SEATTLE. Now is your opportunity to learn from, standup with and meet Zane, his sister Shelby and mom Shawneen Schweitzer who is the events co-founder at the Seattle Standup for the Cure August 25th. 

This festival-style event includes demos and clinics, live music, happy hour, and lunch. Paddlers of all levels and all ages are welcome. Participants that are new to paddling can learn alongside other beginners or attend the event as a "dry-foot" participant. 
Best-Selling STANDUP JOURNAL Issue
Subscribers to Standup Journal received the Summer 2018 issue in their mailboxes last week - and more people than ever headed to their local newsstand or bookstore to purchase a copy. I am so stoked and grateful to be featured on the cover and with a 26 page feature article by Water Words', Judy Shasek. I am especially happy that my dad's photo (Matt Schweitzer) was selected for the cover. It is truly and honor.
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