It's a busy time of year for all of us - the holidays AND wrapping up the 2018 competition season.

After the APP New York World Tour event where I finished with 2nd place in SUP Surf, I had some time home. That time was very short because I had to skip back over to Europe. Once there I had the pleasure to present an extreme sports film, “Magnetic” by Nuit De La Glisse Productions . I was in the Stand Up Paddle segments with Tehotu Wong and in the Foil-Windsurf portion. They caught some epic footage.   Here's a link to one of my segments recently posted on their Facebook page.

The film was great, the show was sold out, but the coolest part was being able to connect with the other athletes that were also a part of the film. They included top tier extreme sports athletes of a diverse range and sports. You can enjoy the official trailer for Magnetic here.

 I was in Europe for this film and event for a total of about 50 incredible hours. Still, that was a little unsettling to think about during my 55 hours of total travel and airport time!! 

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