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April 2017
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Take a Look at a Book!
Most titles discounted 20% while supplies last!  Take advantage of our discounted book selection as we whittle down our offerings to make more space for our arts and educational displays. We will continue offering certain select titles along with our children's books. As we sell out of our discounted titles, we will still feature the titles/bibliography as a resource for patrons and encourage you to locate other sources for purchase. We love our books and our authors; we appreciate your support and encourage you to 

Shared Images, The Innovative Jewelry 
of Yazzie Johnson and Gail Bird
by Diana F. Pardue
Documents the collaboration of artists Yazzie Johnson and Gail Bird. The creative processes and techniques for making their innovative jewelry are revealed through text and an extensive collection of photographs.

Take advantage of this and many other book titles at 20%* off while supplies last.
*Discount applies to most titles in 
the Shop.

What Our Visitors Are Saying

Display Ideas - We're Building Our Collection!
A lovely nightstand display of artwork.
Would you like to share photos of your home décor? We would love to see and share the variety of ways people display their collections and hope you will join in the "collection of display ideas."

Send in your photos of nooks in your home, or even a whole room décor, that include some (or a lot!) of your American Indian artwork. This has been a popular feature with all of our patrons and artists who love to see how the arts are displayed in people's homes. 

Check out our current display ideas on our Pinterest board  and keep sending yours in to us! All display photos will be posted anonymously. Thank you for participating and sharing your ideas!

Store Hours
We will be open the third Saturday of the month, April 15, 2017
10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

The Indian Craft Shop is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30p.m., and the third Saturday of the month from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Shop is closed on federal holidays.

Visiting Us
A photo ID is needed for entrance to the building. During weekdays, visitors may use either the
C Street or E Street entrances (E Street is closer for Metro riders). Handicap access ramps are available at both entrances. During Saturday hours, visitors must use the C Street entrance.

Public Transportation
Farragut West (Blue, Orange, and Silver Line) and Farragut North (Red Line) are the closest metro stops. It is a six-block walk, or you can ride an 80 or S1 bus to 19th and C streets. There is metered parking on the street and several parking lots within a few blocks.
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We welcome April with open arms after a roller coaster March that included SUN and warm weather, SNOW and freezing temperatures, RAIN and WIND, and just about every weather zone imaginable. We are so thankful that more than half of the beloved cherry trees were able to peak and bring their annual glory to Washington, DC; we hope all of you have enjoyed welcoming the springtime and are appreciating the beauty that surrounds you.

Floral beaded moosehide clutch purse by Rosie Cassou (Athabascan)

Now that we've un-burrowed from our winter hole, we are very excited about all of the activity at the Shop! You'll discover new arrivals from our recent IACA (Indian Arts and Crafts Association) buying trip and our upcoming artist show featuring Artie Yellowhorse Designs in jewelry (May 19th & 20th); we're excited to revisit our outdoor sculpture garden and let you know about a revival (albeit on a smaller scale) of the Interior Museum's exhibit featuring Charley Harper. Details on all of this news and more are below!

REMINDER: We're open THIS Saturday from 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

We have many new arrivals at the Shop and will continue to receive packages, since we've just returned from the spring IACA buying trip! Some of our most recent arrivals include a wonderful selection of Tohono O'Odham basketry in so many shapes and sizes -- there's sure to be one that just speaks to you. 

Tohono O'Odham basketry
from southwestern Arizona
Coiled bases of bear grasses are wrapped with yucca in a variety of "stitches," including split and open stitch and fully-wrapped bundles. 
The baskets that have just arrived still have the fresh scent of the grasses, such as they do when first woven.
Besides the beauty of the craftsmanship and design, we also love the utilitarianism of Tohono O'Odham basketry. Basket trays and plaques can be used to hold mail, perhaps to keep your watch/jewelry when retiring for the evening, or even lined with a napkin for crackers or chips. 
Our absolutely favorite all time book on the basketry of the Tohono O'Odham is Papago Indians and their Basketry by Terry DeWald and at just $7.95, it's the most amazing source for the money. Much is learned of the basketry, designs and techniques, and also the people and the culture from their past history to the twentieth century.

Hopi Kachina doll carvings in just the right size to fit nicely into an accent display, shelf unit or simply as a focal point on a side table or wall ledge.
We have a nice variety of dolls that are about 8" tall, carved by Tino Youvella and his family members in addition to other Hopi carvers. Made of cottonwood root, Kachina dolls have evolved from simpler, educational tools for the young Hopi learning their culture to an appreciated art form that is collected across the globe. We still see this beautiful art form as an educational one since there are hundreds of 'kachina' spirit beings, including a great variety of animals, plants and life sources.  Learn more about Kachina doll carvings and Tino and Geraldine Youvella and explore our books on Kachina dolls.

Much more coming in! There will be many new arrivals at the Shop as we continue to keep the wheels turning for American Indian artists across the country. It's always best if you can come in to visit and see our complete collection, and we also regularly work to add new selections to the online storeWe encourage you to check the New Additions page often, and if you're not able to make it in, please email us and we'll be happy to help with photos of work and special requests.

Mark Your Calendars for Our 
May 19th & 20th Artist Show!
Meet and Greet Artie Yellowhorse (Navajo) and Feast Your Eyes on
Her Family's Latest, Gorgeous Silverwork and Stones:  
Friday and Saturday, May 19 & 20, 2017!

We are so excited about our Artie Yellowhorse Show and know many of you have been marking your calendars too! Quality, elegance and style are just a few of the words to describe Artie Yellowhorse Designs jewelry. Take a look at our current selection and learn more about this exceptional family.

Did You Know?! DidYouKnow

Heart Locket by Cliff Fragua (Jemez) is one of many sculptures that grace the patio sitting garden off the back of the Shop.

The Sculpture Garden behind the Shop is a wonderful oasis for sitting and enjoying peace and quiet among plantings and American Indian sculpture. Did you know all the sculptures are available for sale?! We would love to find a home for our "monumentals" and ask if you might know of a home or public space that would be just right to showcase any of these works. Take a look next time you're in or take a look at each piece currently in the garden

We thank the Indian Arts and Crafts Association (IACA) for more than 40 years of dedication to American Indian artists and the business of American Indian arts and we are looking forward to its continued development of innovative programs and projects. We encourage all patrons, artists, businesses, and one and all to volunteer their ideas/time to help with these endeavors in promoting and educating on American Indian arts.
The Indian Craft Shop has been a proud member of the Indian Arts and Crafts Association (IACA) since 1983. IACA is a not-for-profit association of artists, retailers, wholesalers, museums, related agencies, collector members and more - all working together on the mission to "promote, preserve and protect authentic American Indian arts and crafts." The Shop has participated in their trade/retail shows and educational outings; served on their board of directors and in committee meetings; and assisted with donations and fundraising toward educational programs for the public on the arts, history and culture, and for artists and businesses relating to the arts. There are many members who have been an active part of this valuable and significant association, which has been managed and operated solely by volunteers for a number of years. If you would like to learn more about IACA, are interested in helping develop its next chapter of programs, or would like to volunteer in any capacity, check out or contact the Shop  and we will be happy to help connect you.

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We look forward to seeing you in the Shop and "virtually" through our

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News from the Interior MuseumNewsInteriorMuseum

For a limited time, until the first week of May, the Interior Museum is exhibiting  Naturally Connected: Charley Harper and  the Department of the Interior . This exhibit highlights the interconnectivity between the work of the Department of the Interior's bureaus as reflected by the bold, highly-stylized designs of Charley Harper. 


BioBlitz: Engaging People in the Study of Biodiversity 
Wednesday, May 3, 2017; 1:15 p.m. - 2:15 p.m.
Rachel Carson Room
BioBlitz species inventory led by a National Park Service ranger. 
Photography credit_ Gabby Salazar on behalf of the National Geographic Society.Join Mary Ford, Senior Manager, Citizen Science, National Geographic Society to learn about how BioBlitzes identify and document as many species as possible during a short period of time, offering an introduction to citizen science for many people. A BioBlitz is a popular and effective technique for parks, schools and other organizations to learn more about what lives nearby, teach scientific skills and generate useful scientific data while cultivating a community of experts, teachers, students, and neighbors.

"Themes of the Bureau of Indian Affairs: Indian and Soldier," Maynard Dixon, 1939. Fine Arts Program U.S. General Services Administration
Murals Tours
Discover the art and architecture that made the Stewart Lee Udall Department of the Interior Building a "symbol of a new day" during the Great Depression. 

Tours are offered at  2:00 p.m. on Tuesdays and  Thursdays.  Please call the Museum in advance of your visit at 202.208.4743 to make a reservation.  For more information on the Murals Tour,  click here.

Department of the Interior Library
The Department of the Interior Library presents a number of free public programs including Park Ranger Speaker Series and DOI Library Training Sessions. The Park Ranger Speaker Series highlights the background and history of sites of interest in the Washington, DC region, as well as subjects highlighting the history of the United States. The Training Sessions introduce DOI employees and others to the Library's services and to the information sources it makes available either through Interior staff computers or an in-person visit to the Library. A list of the DOI Library's programs can be found hereYou can reach the Library directly by phone (202) 208-5815 or e-mail .

Special Assistance -  For those in need of special assistance (such as an interpreter for the hearing impaired) or inquiries regarding the accessible entrance, please notify museum staff at (202) 208-4743 in advance of the program. Special needs will be accommodated whenever possible.
Location -  The Rachel Carson Room is located next to the basement cafeteria of the Stewart Lee Udall Department of the Interior Building, 1849 C Street NW, Washington, DC, 20240.

Building Access  - All adults must present a valid photo ID to enter the building. All visitors will be subject to security screenings, including bag and parcel checks.

Department of Interior LibraryDepartmentofInterior

The Department of the Interior Library presents a number of free public programs including Park Ranger Speaker Series and DOI Library Training Sessions.  The Park Ranger Speaker Series highlights the background and history of sites of interest in the Washington, DC region, as well as subjects highlighting the history of the United States.  The Training Sessions introduce DOI employees and others to the Library's services and to the information sources it makes available either through Interior staff computers or an in-person visit to the Library.  A list of the DOI Library's programs can be found at

You can reach the Library directly by phone (202) 208-5815 or e-mail .

The Indian Craft Shop |  Department of the Interior | 1849 C Street, NW  Washington, DC 20240  | 202.208.4056