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May 2017
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Take a Look at a Book!
STAN HILL: AN INSPIRATION 1921-2003 20% off while supply lasts!
Most titles discounted 20% while supplies last!  Take advantage of our discounted book selection as we whittle down our offerings to make more space for our arts and educational displays. Although we are paring down our book section, we will continue offering certain select titles along with our children's books. As we sell out of our discounted titles, we will still feature the titles/bibliography as a resource for patrons and encourage you to locate other sources for purchase. We love our books and our authors; we appreciate your support and encourage you to Take a Look at a Book

This publication is a wonderful catalog of a 2004 exhibit of the same title at the Iroquois Indian Museum in Howes Cave, NY honoring the life and work of the late Mohawk artist, Stan Hill. We fondly remember carrying Stan's work in the 1980s and 90s and enjoy seeing this compilation of Stan's amazing eagles, beavers and bears, and the spirits of the squash, corn and beans among so many other works in both antler and stone.
Take advantage of this and many other book titles at 20%* off while supplies last.
*Discount applies to most titles in the Shop 
About Us
The Indian Craft Shop -
a museum experience, an oasis of arts, a great escape from daily pressures and, of course, a great place to treat yourself or someone near and dear to a special, meaningful gift.
Thank you for your continued support of the arts - we truly appreciate you!
What Our Visitors Are Saying
Display Ideas - We're Building Our Collection!
Would you like to share photos of your
home décor?! We love seeing and
sharing the ways people display their collections and hope you will join
in the "collection of display ideas."
Display windows/storefront of our very own miniature Indian Craft Shop.
Send in your photos of nooks in your home, or even a whole room décor, that include some (or a lot!) of your American Indian artwork.
This has been a popular feature with all of our patrons and artists who love to see how the arts are displayed in people's homes. Check out our current display ideas on our Pinterest board
 and please keep sending your display photos to us.
All photos will be posted anonymously. 
Thank you for participating and sharing your ideas!
Surround Yourself with
the Beauty of Art

Store Hours
The Indian Craft Shop is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and the third Saturday of the month from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Shop is closed on federal holidays.

We will be open the third Saturday of the month, May 20th, from
10:00am - 4:00pm.
Visiting Us
A photo ID is needed for entrance to the building. During weekdays, visitors may use either the
C Street or E Street entrances (E Street is closer for Metro riders). Handicap access ramps are available at both entrances. During Saturday hours, visitors must use the C Street entrance.

Public Transportation
Farragut West (Blue, Orange, and Silver Line) and Farragut North (Red Line) are the closest metro stops. It is a six-block walk, or you can ride an 80 or S1 bus to 19th and C streets. There is metered parking on the street and several parking lots within a few blocks.
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The month of May brings flowers, warmer weather, Mother's Day (Sunday, May 14th) and our opportunity to welcome Guest Artists 
Artie Yellowhorse (Navajo) and Marian Hansson (Kiowa) on Friday and Saturday, May 19 and 20. On the horizon are also graduations, Father's Day and perhaps summer weddings and travel. We wish all of you a most merry month of May!

Honoring Mother Earth and Father Sky Sandpainting by 
Alberta Tsosie (Navajo)

We hope all of you enjoyed Earth Day events in April and that you continue to find ways to honor the earth and your surroundings. Learning more about Navajo  sandpaintings  is a great way to see the connection of all earth and universe elements. Have a look at book titles on the subject of sandpaintings and the art form, too! 


Join us in welcoming Artie Yellowhorse and Marian Hansson on Friday and Saturday, May 19 and 20, and see their latest designs and creations in jewelry (Artie Yellowhorse Designs) and Appliqué shawls, ribbon shirts and accessories (Marian Hansson Creations). 
Quality, elegance and style are just a few of the words we use to describe Artie Yellowhorse Designs jewelry. Take a look at our current selection and learn more about this exceptional family
  We also are excited to see new work by Marian Hansson as we are down to only ONE applique shawl in the Shop! Marian's shawls can be worn to events/out for the evening; worn by dancers at POW WOWs or in competitions/events, or used as a beautiful accent pieces in home décor.  We even sold one that was going to be used as a light lap blanket. Marian's work is always full of new colors and designs; her pieces are sure to bring beauty to anyone's life. Learn more about Marian Hansson  

Meet the artists from 12:00 noon - 4:00 p.m. each day, 
Friday and Saturday, May 19 and 20, 2017.


If you're looking for a unique wedding or anniversary gift, how about a wedding vase from the southwest pueblos? These handmade double-spout clay vessels represent the joining of the bride and groom as well as their respective families. Each one-of-a-kind wedding vase includes our certificate of authenticity and an explanation of the symbolism and use of the wedding vase in pueblo wedding ceremonies. (Please Note:  in order to preserve your pottery purchases, we recommend using for decorative purposes only, since liquids will often damage the original condition of the pottery).


There will be many new arrivals at the Shop as we continue to keep the wheels turning for American Indian artists across the country. It's always best if you can come in to visit and see our complete collection, and we also regularly work to add new selections to the online store We encourage you to check the New Additions page often, and if you're not able to make it in, please email us and we'll be happy to help with photos of work and special requests.

Yes, you may order online for pickup at the Shop !  If you would like to order online and pick up in the Shop, please fill in your "Ship To" address as the Shop's street address - 1849 C Street, NW, Washington, DC 20240.  This way, the appropriate DC sales tax will be charged and we can then credit your shipping cost back to your method of payment after the online sale goes through.  In the "comment section" of your order, let us know that you will be picking up your order and we'll have it ready for you!
We look forward to seeing you in the Shop and "virtually" through our
Online store    

At The Indian Craft Shop, we work every day in order to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle  -- here are just a couple of notes about what we have been doing and what we can do together!

Shop Logo Boxes- Our Shop logo boxes have become keepsakes for people receiving gifts and for their own purchases. You can keep your jewelry inside the boxes and organize them in your drawers or jewelry chests. Environment saving tip:  on your next visit, let us know if you would like any of your purchases combined and take home less boxes.
Packing Peanuts - We use packing peanuts when we pack kachina dolls and pottery and other delicate, fragile items. We reuse peanuts as we receive them in the Shop with our shipments, and these are typically made of Styrofoam.  Styrofoam peanuts should NEVER go into the trash since they do not decompose or break down. They can be saved and reused later for delicate packing OR you can take them to a local shop/packing store that can reuse them.
When we purchase packing peanuts, we use corn starch peanuts. While these can also decompose when wet, we recommend reusing them or donating them back to local shops/galleries that can reuse them. With the "habit" of reusing and recycling, we also share with others how this can be done!  
Our "third Saturday" opening is Saturday, May 20, and we will be open from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Be sure to come in and meet and greet our guest artists, Artie Yellowhorse (Navajo) and Marian Hansson (Kiowa).
We look forward to seeing you!

We look forward to your visits in the Shop,
on the phone 202-208-4056, via email or our online store.

Thank you for your continued support of the arts -
we truly appreciate you!

"Themes of the Bureau of Indian Affairs: Indian and Soldier," Maynard Dixon, 1939. Fine Arts Program U.S. General Services Administration
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Discover the art and architecture that made the Stewart Lee Udall Department of the Interior Building a "symbol of a new day" during the Great Depression. Tours are offered at 2:00 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please call the Museum in advance of your visit at 202.208.4743 to make a reservation.

Department of the Interior Library
The Department of the Interior Library presents a number of free public programs including Park Ranger Speaker Series and DOI Library Training Sessions. The Park Ranger Speaker Series highlights the background and history of sites of interest in the Washington, DC region, as well as subjects highlighting the history of the United States. The Training Sessions introduce DOI employees and others to the Library's services and to the information sources it makes available either through Interior staff computers or an in-person visit to the Library. A list of the DOI Library's programs can be found hereYou can reach the Library directly by phone (202) 208-5815 or e-mail .

Building Access  - All adults must present a valid photo ID to enter the building. All visitors will be subject to security screenings, including bag and parcel checks.

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