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New Registration Year July marks the beginning of the 2024 registration year for referees! For for anyone interested in advancing or those maintaining a Regional Referee certification, you can begin fulfilling the requirements for 2025. This means any practical evaluation (assessment) or fitness tests completed July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024 will count towards the 2025 registration year. Start planning now. We encourage you to start fulfilling some of those requirements now, so we don't have any last minute delays or complications. NEW this year, all assessment payments will be paid directly to Indiana Soccer Referee Association and ISRA will issue payment to the referee coach. All the regional referee requirements are listed toward the end of this newsletter and on our website.

Self-Assessment One of the best ways to continue growing and improving as a referee is to perform self-assessments after every game. A self-assessment is an evaluation of oneself or one's actions and attitudes in particular, of one's performance at a job or learning task considered in relation to an objective standard. The easiest way to start is to begin recording 3 things you did well and 3 things you could improve upon after every game. This is something you can do as an assistant referee, referee, and even a fourth official. If you write these down after every game, you will have an easy resource to look at before games to remind yourself of something to work on or watch yourself grow as a referee over time. Some examples of things to reflect upon include

  • pregame with referees
  • handling decisions
  • penalty decisions
  • offside decisions
  • player management
  • coach management
  • signals
  • fitness
  • active play positioning
  • set piece positioning
  • yellow and red card decisions
  • whistle tone
  • communication with referees

No one is perfect. There is always something we can improve upon. We are all still learning the game every day.

Referee Pathway The referee pathway has been updated. The biggest change is the entry level position is now called "Referee".

New Referees We would love your help in recruiting new referees! ISRA has come up with a new, easy to follow 3 step registration process (shown below) for new referees. Please help us spread the word to anyone you know that might be interested. A more detailed description of the registration process can be found on our website.

US Soccer Learning Center Directory Make sure your certification is up to date by checking the US Soccer Learning Center Directory here. All you have to do is put in your full name and state to check if your License, SafeSport (over 18 years old), and Introduction to Safe & Healthy Playing Environments are up to date. If you are missing one of these requirements, your license may be suspended. It can easily be reinstated by completing any missing requirements. If you have any questions, please contact your DRA.

September 2-3 - Grand Park Cup - Westfield

Nate Sinders & Dave Howard




September 8-10 - Veterans Invitational Tournament (U9-U14) - Evansville

Matt Hirsch & Eric Cox



September 8-10 - Indy Pike Fest - Indianapolis

Keith Mitchell


September 9 - Northeast Select Soccer League (NESSL) begins

September 9 - East Central Indiana Youth Soccer League (ECIYSL) begins

September 9-10 - Magic Soccer Festival - Middlebury

Soccer By Design (SBD)

September 22-24 - FC Pride Cup - Lawrence

Tony Delois & Abdu Bensalah



September 22-24 - St. Francis Zombie Cup - Indianapolis

Brian LaVelle


September 29 - October 1 - Columbus Community Cup - Columbus

Brian LaVelle


October 6-8 - Socctoberfest - Zionsville

Thom Parks


October 7-8 - Grand Park Youth Festival - Westfield

Nate Sinders & Dave Howard




October 13-16 - GA East Regional - Westfield


October 20-22 - Nightmare at the Rock - Greenwood

Brian LaVelle & Dilip Vyas



October 27-29 - Indy Premier Halloween Classic - Noblesville

Nate Sinders



Regional Referees We have clarified all upgrade and maintenance regional referee requirements on our website. More details will follow soon. In order to upgrade you need to meet these requirements:

In order to maintain your regional badge, you need to meet these requirements:

Note: Male referees are required to run the FIFA Women’s Category 1 test which consists of 6 repeated 40 meter sprints in 6.4 seconds or less (sprint test) and 40 repeated 75 meter runs in 17 seconds followed by a 25 meter walk in 20 seconds (interval test). Female referees are required to run the FIFA Women’s Category 3 test which consists of 6 repeated 40 meter sprints in 6.6 seconds or less (sprint test) and 40 repeated 75 meter runs in 17 seconds followed by a 25 meter walk in 24 seconds (interval test). The audio recordings for both interval tests can be downloaded here.

The practical evaluations (game assessments) for upgrade and maintenance must be completed by June 30th. If you have a game that you are looking to get evaluated on, please fill out this Google form so a coach can be assigned to your game. If you have any questions, please reach out to Jeff Swartzel.

Questions about becoming a regional referee? Check out our website first, and then contact State Director of Development, Ben Trevino ben.trevino@indianareferees.org.

Looking for Volunteers We are looking for volunteers that are willing to lend their expertise and dedication to the Indiana Soccer Referee Association. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming more involved in any capacity, please let us know by filling out this form, and we will get back to you soon.

Pictures Please share your referee pictures with us so we can feature you all in our upcoming newsletters, social media posts, and much more! Send your pictures on social media, to communications@indianareferees.org, or tag us in your post!

Official Sports International Need a new jersey or some new USSF apparel? Check out the Official Sports website.

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