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I’m really thrilled to be writing you this newsletter, it feels great to be in touch again. When I was a very young man, I realized that all the world was in trouble and that even if we managed to avoid destroying our world with weapons of mass destruction we were in grave danger of killing ourselves by degrading our environment.

Although I felt very alone at first, as the decades passed more and more people have come to realize the enormous predicament we are in. They have joined with me in studying the etiology of this global disease we are suffering from, and searching for tools to heal and transform our world.

Like many others I suspect that you have come to the same conclusion, that how we are reacting to the stresses and challenges of the world is the source of most of our disease, illness, anxiety, anger, addiction and failure. Likewise, we are destroying the environment and threatening our own lives at the collective level
because we are responding to those stresses and challenges with fear, aggression, suppression, and conflict.

The very effective mind-tools that I'm going to share with you in this and upcoming newsletters are designed to deal directly with the causes of these harmful reactions; our thoughts, feelings, emotions, our mental images and the stories we tell ourselves. Strap your seat belt and be ready for a really exciting ride.

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The Infinite Power of Your Imagination
In the beginning, science tells us, there were only one celled bacteria and fungus cells. Later, things got much more interesting.

Plants emerged, then more and more complex animals in time leading to the human being, with the crowning achievement we possess between our ears - the human brain.

And to go along with it, the human imagination, the secret to all human creativity and production. 

Think about it - what work of art, what automobile or computer came into being without someone first visualizing it in their mind?

Through this incredible imagination we create our lives, for better or for worse. When we imagine that we are helpless we soon begin to believe we are helpless; we grow weaker and we feel our lives are meaningless. Dr. Martin Seligman and other researchers have shown us how this learned helplessness leads to illness, dysfunction and failure. On the other hand, if you’ve learned how to guide your imagination with wisdom, you can heal most of your illnesses and create a life of success, happiness and love. 

The bad news is that we live in a world where armies of propagandists and “attention specialists” are waging war against our ••• Read more •••
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Q: What is Healing, and How Can I Heal Myself?

A: The word “heal” comes from the Old English,  healan; also the root of whole, hale, hearty, and  holy.  Healing is the process of becoming more whole; deep healing is becoming more whole at every level of system. That means that each organ is composed of healthy parts that are functioning well with each other and that each organ, in turn, is functioning well with other organs in its organ system.

Sometimes healing may be superficial, like getting rid of the excruciating pain from a headache, for instance, by relieving the tension in the muscles that are inflamed and triggering of the pain response. This might be accomplished by taking a pill. In such cases, of course, you’re only treating the symptoms. Even though the blessed relief is welcome to a sufferer, there is a still deeper kind of healing possible. 

This, what I refer to as Deep Healing, aims to bring balance and transformation that is more essential and more complete. When you resolve the deeper problem, the stress response and the internal tension that was creating your headache or other illness dissolves.

Often, the healing can be seen at the physical level (such as when an infection or a pain goes away); sometimes it is the mind and the emotions which need to become more whole, calm and balanced. In many cases it is we, our Selves , that need to become wiser, more focused and clearer at a deep level. And sometimes it is the will or the spirit that needs to be awakened, nurtured and allowed to express itself through happiness and living wisely. 

The most complete form of healing takes place when all systems are healthy and functioning well with all other systems. The health of the body is then reflected through healthy emotions, clear thinking, wise choices and mutually productive relationships with others and the world. You will learn the tools for doing this in upcoming issues.

To discover more right now about how to heal your body, mind, emotions, and behavior, see Dr. Miller's article, " Self-Healing ".
Creating Your Island of Peace:
Your Free Guided Imagery Experience
This FREE guided imagery experience is a perfect way to begin to learn to heal deeply.

Because stress is such a major factor in our individual as well as collective illness and dysfunction, the most powerful tool in combating it is deep relaxation. Deep relaxation directly inhibits the brain neurons that cause the stress reaction and the resulting ills. 

You may be familiar with the phenomenon of deep relaxation if you have learned such skills as meditation, deep prayer, self-hypnosis or autogenic training. Here is a brief introduction to the process of what I call Deep Relaxation. Listen to it and practice daily for a week, then practice doing it from memory without listening. This will prepare you for the tools I will share in the next issue of Healing Times. 

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One of the things that’s really valuable for deep relaxation is to have a supportive environment. Beautiful music, natural scenery, or even, as Cussie demonstrates in this little clip, a hot tub at exactly the right temperature.
And remember...

“There is always music amongst the trees in the garden,
but our hearts must be very quiet to hear it.”

– Minnie Aumonier