February 21, 2021

To United Methodist members and friends in churches of the Inland District and the Seven Rivers District of The United Methodist Church,

Grace and peace to you in the name of Jesus Christ, who leads us in the way of life.

Thank you for the many ways you are working to share the gift of abundant life, and to make real its promises, to the people who call northern Idaho and eastern Washington home.

I am pleased to bring you two announcements today.

In fulfilling my responsibility for oversight of the United Methodist Churches in the Greater Northwest, I have asked Rev. Daniel Miranda to join the Pacific Northwest Cabinet as District Superintendent of the Inland District and the Seven Rivers District reaching from the crest of the Cascade Mountains east, across northern Idaho, beginning July 1, 2021. He has graciously accepted this invitation.

Daniel was trained and ordained as a minister in the American Baptist Church, transferring his clergy membership to The United Methodist Church in 2020. He has served United Methodist congregations in Waterville, Pateros, and Auburn, Washington since 2003. He also speaks Spanish fluently, served in ministry in Japan and the Philippines, and worked as a drug and alcohol counselor. Of himself, Daniel says, “I begin with Jesus because Jesus is the embodiment of God for the world.” 

I am also pleased to announce that Rev. Sheila Miranda, currently the pastor of Colby United Methodist Church on the Kitsap Peninsula and Daniel’s partner in marriage and ministry, will join him in this move, stepping into a new appointment as Assistant for Connectional Ministries in the Inland and Seven Rivers District to work with pastoral leaders across the two districts to form regional ministry “circuits” for mutual support, oversight, professional development, and community service. 

Sheila and Daniel met in seminary. Sheila, too, entered ordained ministry through the American Baptist Church, and they served together in Japan, the Philippines, and Waterville. Sheila has a background in ethnomusicology and is known for her calm pastoral presence. She is in process of transferring her membership to The United Methodist Church, where she has served churches since 2002.  

Daniel and Sheila have worked as a team for most of their ministries and look forward to doing so again in these new roles. Working together in these two vast districts, I pray that ministry will grow and become stronger in each place, as pastors and local churches work together to support one another in service to God and all God’s children.  

In this season of change and transformation for our beloved United Methodist Church, I know you join me in gratitude for the steady, wise spirit and abiding love that present district superintendents, Rev. Gregg Sealey and Rev. Joanne Coleman Campbell have shown you. I know you will find ways to honor and thank Gregg as he prepares to launch a new extension ministry as a professional coach and for Joanne as she prepares to retire with her husband, John.

I trust that you will then turn toward Daniel and Sheila to welcome them with warmth and anticipation. Their hearts of faith and experience in ministry will bring many blessings to the people and churches they serve in their new roles.

May God bless all involved.

With faith sufficient for what lies ahead,

Elaine JW Stanovsky

Bishop Elaine JW Stanovsky