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I am excited to announce that we are expanding our services to include the contract employment sector, in addition to our existing, successful permanent placement side.

This article highlights some of the benefits and defines the process when working with a recruiter on this type of search.  

We hope you find our insight helpful and welcome any feedback as always. 

Michael Clegg, Managing Partner
Recruiting Solutions Team
Melissa Coleman,
Account Director,  Lighting Industry 

Bertina Brase,  bbb@qworksgroup.com
Account Executive,  Machinery & Equipment, and Industrial Automation Industries 
Katie Trippe, kpt@qworksgroup.com
Account Executive/ Operations Manager, Machinery & Equipment, Engineering Services and Plastics Manufacturing Industries

Iris Winkelbauer-Hoelzl, imw@qworksgroup.com
Account Executive, European companies doing business in the US

Silvia Gray,  spg@qworksgroup.com
Account Executive, Automotive Industry 

Michael Clegg,  
Managing Partner, Technology Industry

At  Q Works, we have been serving the executive permanent placement profile across multiple disciplines and industries for the past 16 Years.  We are pleased to announce that in addition to our permanent placement services, we will now be serving the contract employment sector as well.

It is 2018 and we are living in what many call a "Gig" economy.  You may have heard about this or seen a business headline but what is it?  It's also called Workforce 2.0.  It may also be referred to as freelance work.  Today, over 40% of the workforce has means to a secondary income.  By 2020, over half of the workforce will be in this group.  Many start their freelance work by doing a Contract or Contract to Hire role.  This is a sector of the workforce that continues to expand annually.  As things evolve, one thing is certain and that is that there is very little "permanent" employment any longer.  The days of retiring after 30+ years in one company is the exception rather than the rule.  Given this shift in employment status, this article is going to clearly define and provide insight into the world of contract staffing.
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