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THE PERFECT GAME FOUNDATION® is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit that was created in April of 2011 to assist those who aspire to a working career in sports.

May 2023

Welcome to The Inside Pitch for May featuring a Marci Doyle Welcome to TPGF Golf July 17, 2023 at TPC Potomac! Also, featuring In His Own Words by baseball student athlete Mark Hindy (Wm&Mary) and Ben’s Byline by Ben Hoffman (Yorktown HS) 
You will also hear from Carleigh Solomon (Publisher and Tournament Director), Lyndsay Goodwin (Editor and Assistant Tournament Director), and Keegan O'Connor
Marci Doyle has a spectacular career going – including being born into a baseball family (father Denny and uncles Brian and Blake all were in Major League Baseball), U of Florida, Manager Consumer and Partner Promotions at Golf Channel, COO Arnold Palmer Invitational presented by MasterCard, and now Exec VP at Outlyr 
Who better to welcome you to TPGF Golf 2023!
Marci Doyle on TPGF Golf
This year’s Tournament is coming together and looks to be a great day of Welcome Gifts, Auction Items, Hole Prizes and Gifts and a $10,000 Prize for the first Hole In One on # 17 !
Carleigh Solomon (U of South Carolina) is leading the charge pulling all this together assisted by Fellows Lyndsay Goodwin (Ole Miss) and Keegan O’Connor (Ole Miss). 
 We hope you can meet the Fellows and support the work of the Foundation.  
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 A Perfect Time !

Carleigh's Corner

Happy May everyone!! I have just graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Sport and Entertainment Management B.S. and Graduation in Leadership Distinction with a Professional and Civic Engagement Pathway. I am so excited to announce that after graduating, I have accepted a year-long position with the Ravens!

I want to thank Del and The Perfect Game Foundation for providing me with the most supportive and encouraging environment that has allowed me to excel both personally and professionally. As this year's Tournament Director, I look forward to all of the fun that is TPGF Golf and look forward to seeing you all there!

Lyndsay's Latest

Happy May! I am currently driving back from Ole Miss to Virginia about 14 hours with a car filled floor to ceiling. I am officially finished with final exams and my freshman year at Ole Miss. I am really proud to say I was able to make the Chancellor's list this year and I hope to continue to improve upon my academics the next few years in school. I finished up my first year with Ole Miss Football Recruiting and I could not have asked for a better experience and mentors. I am already counting down the days until kick off next season. I am so excited to continue growing within the sp0rts industry and look forward to making contributions to the Foundation!

Ben's Byline

Hello, I’m Ben Hoffman, Yorktown HS, and it is my second year as a TPGF Fellow. Presently,

career aspirations include the sports industry in general and hopefully broadcasting or sports

writing specifically. This piece of Ben’s Byline passes on to you a recent article that resonates

for a lot of reasons and I hope you enjoy it! It’s been terrific working with TPGF and getting to

know some of the other Fellows who are also chasing the sports industry career dream. 

Enjoy this article!

After months of having non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Chicago White Sox Reliever Liam

Hendricks, is finally cancer free. Hendricks recently played his first rehab game with the

White Sox triple-A team. While only playing during the seventh inning, he did not allow any

hits. Before Hendricks's first pitch, he was given a standing ovation from not only the fans but

from his teammates and his opponents. After the game, he was asked how he felt about the

standing ovation and he said, "Don’t get me wrong, it’s really, really nice. I very

much appreciate it. It made me very emotional. I’m just a guy who pitches on

anger and it’s really hard to get angry when you know the other team is full of

nice people."

Liam Hendricks has had a great career playing for multiple teams like the White Sox while

averaging an ERA of 3.81 and 724 career strikeouts, but what he is most known for is his

anger issues during games. Some fans have nicknamed him “The Hulk” while others call him

‘Slydah.” These nicknames are based on his great control of his pitches like the slider and the

fastball, but also his enraged reactions if his pitches don’t end up where he wants them to.

Liam Hendricks has had many funny interviews during games. For example, during the 2021

all-star game, broadcaster Joe Buck had Hendricks miked while he was pitching. After every

pitch Hendricks threw, he would yell in anger which made fans laugh and caused him be more

aggressive. Joe Bucks couldn’t contain his laughter.

It is undetermined when Hendricks will return to playing for the White Sox but reporters do

say it won’t be long. Liam Hendricks is an important piece to the White Sox’s bullpen and will

help them become a better team since he was named one of the top twenty best pitchers in

the MLB with an ERA of 2.81 and 37 saves.

Article attached here

In Their Own Words 

Mark Hindy

From a young age, I have been deeply enamored with sports, both as a participant and a

spectator. Working within the sports industry has long been a dream of mine. Thankfully, The

Perfect Game Foundation has been instrumental in helping me achieve this ambition, and I owe them a great debt of gratitude.

Being a part of this impressive Foundation, and having the opportunity to connect with Del, has been an incredible privilege. The support and guidance I have received from both the organization and its members have been invaluable to me, and I feel immensely fortunate to be a part of it. Thanks to Del's connections within the sports industry, I have had the opportunity to deepen my understanding of the field and expand my personal network. His guidance has helped me learn and grow as a professional.

I have always aspired to work in the sports industry and with the help of Del and The Perfect Game Foundation, this dream has become a reality. As someone who is also dedicated to playing baseball, I found myself in a unique position when it came to gaining work experience. However, the Foundation has gone above and beyond in working tirelessly to identify opportunities that allow for a healthy balance between work and sports. I am incredibly grateful for their efforts and support in helping me achieve my professional goals.

Keegan O'Connor

Hello all, my name is Keegan O'Connor, a new member of The Perfect Game Foundation. I am from Ashburn, Virginia currently studying Business at The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss). Staying actively involved in sports began at a young while playing golf as well as being a competitive dancer.

As I began competing, I realized that my attraction and interest wasn't just participating, but I enjoyed being surrounded by fellow athletes with the same ambitions and passion. My personal motivation has given me the inner strength to stay focused and driven to follow my dreams!

Del and The Perfect Game Foundation have been instrumental in providing me the guidance and support to expand my experiences in the sports industry. With the mentoring from Del, my dream of working for a professional sports team is coming true!

I look forward to playing and integral part in the growth and teamwork of The Perfect Game Foundation and all that it has to offer to the community and to others aspiring to follow their dream in the sports and entertainment industry.

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