October Edition

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October 2023

Guess the World Series winning team and the first correct answer wins Nats tickets in 2024! See Ben’s Byline below ! 
Welcome to The Inside Pitch with the World Series not far off ! NFL well into it’s season (Travis&Taylor!!!) and NHL /NBA beginning !
This month Publisher Carleigh Solomon will tell you more about her work with the Ravens and whatever else Carleigh wants to talk about ! Editor Lindsey Ward (still in Florence Italy where she is studying now) will also likely tell you about Italian food, culture and art ! 
We’ll also have Ben’s Byline (#4 ) by Ben Hoffman coming to us from Yorktown HS in Arlington, VA where he will talk baseball and the World Series ! 
We’ll have a few photographs for you from TPGF activity this summer as well. 

Carleigh's Corner

Happy October everyone!

Coming off of our win from the Ravens vs Titans game in London, I am looking forward to the excitement of the rest of the season. Working behind the scenes to create memorable experiences for our fans and making every game day special means being part of the lifeblood that runs through the incredible franchise that is the Baltimore Ravens. While working in sports and especially for the NFL means long hours and working on the weekends, it has been a deeply rewarding experience that has enriched my life in ways I could have never imagined.

My advice to anyone seeking a career in sport is to embrace the challenges, as they make you grow as a professional and individual. Passion is also key in this industry. A formidable love for the game and industry is what keeps you motivated and and committed even when facing challenges. If you can hone your strong work ethic and your passion for the sport, then you will maximize every opportunity that may come your way.

TPGF and Del have played a pivotal role in guiding me throughout my career in sports. The unwavering support, expertise, and mentorship have been instrumental in helping me navigate the often complex and competitive world of sports. Whether it's providing valuable insight, sharing personal experiences, or offering career advice, their guidance has been a constant source of inspiration and knowledge.

I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to seek out mentors like Del who can provide guidance, as it is such a transformative experience that positively enriches and impacts your career. Finding a mentor allows you to embrace all opportunities that may come your way, and it can even be the key to unlocking your full potential.

Lindsey's Semester Abroad

 Hello from Florence, Italy ! 

I'm excited to share that I've reached the midpoint of my incredible study abroad journey, and it's been an amazing experience so far. I've immersed myself in Florence's rich history and have been honing my Italian language skills. My art history class has been a highlight, allowing me to explore iconic treasures like the Duomo and the Statue of David. To top it all off, I've got an exciting 10-day adventure ahead, with visits to Amsterdam, Lisbon, and Madrid next week! Work on TPGF projects continues via long distance activity with Carleigh Solomon on the monthly newsletter (The Inside Pitch) and it won’t be long before work starts on TPGF Golf 2024 ! Grateful to be part of the TPGF Team even from many miles away ! 

Ben's Byline

Hello, my name is Ben Hoffman, and I am a sixteen-year-old junior who goes to Yorktown High School. I’ve been a proud TPGF Fellow for a couple years now and have worked 2 TPGF Annual Golf Tournament Fund Raisers in addition to doing this monthly piece for The Inside Pitch newsletter!

Last month I talked about the MLB’s current MVP rate, but now I am going to talk about the most extreme postseason rivalry series we have witnessed this year, and that is the Atlanta Braves and the Philadelphia Phillies.

Going into the postseason most people were expecting the Atlanta Braves to win the World Series because of their players like Ronald Acuna Jr, Matt Olson, and Spencer Strider, but because of last year when the Phillies made it into the World Series, many people were also expecting them to make it far into the postseason like the Braves. Luckily this past week we got to see them face each other and see who is the better team and who will make it into the national league championship series. 

Heading into game 1 the Phillies managed to outscore the Braves by scoring three runs over their star pitcher Spencer Strider and had no issues against the Braves, until the next game where the Braves were able to come back from a 4-0 which did not only make the fans excited but also the players, especially the braves shortstop Orlando Arcia. After their win, they celebrated in the locker, and during their celebration, Orlando Arcia started to yell “ATTA BOY HARPER” due to their game-winning double play that included Phillies outfielder Bryce Harper being part of that double play. 


After game 2 was played, the series was taken into Philidelphia where all the Phillies fans and players were not happy about the things that Orlando Arcia said. In game three of the series the Phillies took control of the postseason rivalry by scoring ten runs against the Braves, not only did they win by so much but Bryce Harper went 2-4 with two home runs against the Phillies. Not only did this make Phillies fans excited but Bryce Harper stared down Arcia twice while trotting around the bases from his home runs. Once game 4 started all Phillies fans were on Arcia in which they heckled him on and off the field which helped the Phillies win the series and take the number one seed out of the playoffs.


This season's postseason has already been wild as not only did the Phillies beat the number one seed team but also the Texas Rangers beat the Baltimore Orioles in a sweep against them. Shockingly this was the first sweep the Orioles have had since they called up their star catcher Adley Rutschman. Not only was this a shocking sweep in the postseason but also the Arizona Diamondbacks swept the Los Angeles Dodgers who were the number two seed and were ranked the second-best team in the league below Atlanta. 

This postseason is now being controlled by the underdogs, who do you think will win this year's postseason and who do you want to win this year?

Reply to The earliest arriving correct guess wins 2 Washington Nationals tickets during the 2024 season! 

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