September Edition

THE PERFECT GAME FOUNDATION® is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit that was created in April of 2011 to assist those who aspire to a working career in sports.

September 2022

Special Welcome to the Inside Pitch for September produced by Editor in Chief Carleigh Solomon from the U of South Carolina

Carleigh is headed to Law School after graduation in May where her plan is to practice entertainment and sports law. The Foundation is excited to have her managing the Newsletter - Perfect ! 

It's been a busy summer for TPGF including newly minted Fellows Avery Weissman (William & Mary), Jennifer Lynch (Providence Senior), Luke Goodwin (George Mason), and Carson Rachich (Lamar and FGCU) joining the Foundation.

In this issue you will find "In Her/His Own Words from Conor Corrigan (South Carolina), Avery Weissman, and Jennifer Lynch. We hope you enjoy them !

Additionally, you'll find a Welcome Note from Carleigh as she produces her first The Inside Pitch as the Editor in Chief 

Finally, we have included another PodCast from Leon Brujis, Private Equity Executive Extraordinaire - great insights!

Perfect !

Private Equity Fast Pitch 

 Listen to Leon Bruji's Podcast about Negotiation's ability to influence HERE

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Carleigh's Corner

In May, I will graduate from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Science in Sport and Entertainment Management, and I am currently in the midst of of applying to various law schools to pursue my dream of becoming a sport and entertainment lawyer. Working in many different areas of sport/entertainment law - litigation and negligence cases that pertain to sports and entertainment/concert injuries and copyright law for creative artists protection - is the dream. Very ecstatic to soon begin the journey, and see where I end up!

Recently, I have taken over the Inside Pitch as the Newsletter Editor in Chief, and am very excited to be doing this for the remainder of my senior year. Big thanks to Del and The Perfect Game Foundation for supporting me throughout all of my career endeavors and encouraging me to reach for the stars. Being apart of TPGF has been the most invaluable experience, and I am thrilled to share with you all the next steps for me!

In Their Own Words 

Conor Corrigan

My passion for broadcasting television began as a student at the University of South Carolina. After graduating in 2012 I moved out to Oakland, CA for a job in Sports Marketing. 

I quickly decided it wasn't the right fit for me and began freelancing as a Utility and Camera Operator around the Bay Area.

This turned out to be the best decision I could have made. I eventually landed a full time job at the Pac-12 Network before joining ESPN as a staff AD in 2019.

These days I split time between Event and Studio working on shows like ESPN College Football, NBA, NHL, SportsCenter and NFL Live. I love the fast paced environment of working in a TV control room and can't imagine doing anything else.

I thank The Perfect Game Foundation for creating opportunities for individuals with similar career goals to connect and collaborate. 

Jennifer Lynch

My name is Jennifer Lynch, and I am a rising Senior at Providence College, majoring in Marketing with a minor in Finance. I recently returned from my study abroad semester in Barcelona, Spain, where I had invaluable experiences that assisted me in growing my global perspective and taught me a lot about myself as an individual.


Through prior internship experiences I have found my interests lies with digital media marketing and for the upcoming school year, I have accepted a fellowship position to run all aspects of the Providence College School of Business social media pages.


I began working with The Perfect Game Foundation in the beginning of May and with Del's guidance I have been focusing on summer internship opportunities and experiences to expand my knowledge of the marketing industry. I have had a deep interest in sports and entertainment because of the excitement and energy that is involved within these industries.


Working with TPGF has given me direction as to how I can get experience within these industries and I am very appreciative! 


Overwhelming thanks to TPGF and Del for the invaluable advice and encouragement, as well as the networking opportunities. I am thrilled to have just gotten started with TPGF and cannot wait for all that is to come!


Avery Weissman

Graduating college is both exciting and stressful. The job market is a difficult place to navigate. With the help of Del Wilber and The Foundation that stress associated with job hunting has dwindled. The consistent line of communication and support has strengthened both my motivation and confidence to make that next step in my career.


I decided to pursue a career in sports and marketing because it fulfills my passion for both creating relationships while instilling my love for sports.

That being said the job market is heavily saturated with people competing for positions in this area.

 It is important for you to recognize that although you may feel overwhelmed or intimidated by the process, don’t be. It is vital that during your application process you look outside yourself and job sites to connect with others. Taking that extra step to call or email someone may just be the door you needed to open to kickstart your career.

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