In the July Alumni Newsletter, we had the pleasure of announcing that ACHARAI alumnae Linda Hurwitz and Pam Platt had accepted roles of Co-Chairs of the board of the newly forming greater Baltimore center for Jewish leadership. The initial meeting of the board of trustees (BOT) took place in July, and several foundational initiatives were put in place:

• The board will be extended to include representatives of additional Jewish community organizations beyond The Associated and in addition to ACHARAI, the Darrell D. Friedman Institute for Professional Development (DFI), and the Advisory Committee of the Center for Community Engagement and Leadership (CCEL).

• A sub-committee of lay and professional (pro) leaders will soon begin to draft bylaws.




ALUMNI PROGRAMMING: The theme of our alumni programming this year is: “The Fruit of Your Labor,” with fun experiential events planned! The first alumni program will be on Sunday, October 7, at the Pearlstone Center from 9:30 – 11:00 a.m. Come prepared to be engaged in learning about harvesting – using your mind and body. Spouses and family members are always welcome.
Click here to reserve your spot – $10 registration fee.

ACHARAI STUDY GROUP: It’s not too late to join our engaging study group! Monthly sessions focus on leadership through the lens of The Ten Commandments, one commandment per session. Rabbi Nitzan Bergman is the teacher, and this class is dedicated to learning in Rina Janet’s memory.
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for more information and dates.

CALL TO ACTION: Featuring Gali Cooks, Executive Director of Leading Edge, and Sandy Cardin, Chair of the Board of Leading Edge and CEO of the Schusterman Family Foundation. Thursday, November 15, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m., Park Heights JCC. Join Gali Cooks and Sandy Cardin as they present the findings of research from Leading Edge, an organization that seeks to influence, inspire, and enable dramatic change in attracting, developing and retaining top talent so that Jewish organizations may thrive.


SKILL WORKSHOPS: By popular demand, ACHARAI is offering “Skill Workshops” to Cohort VII and alumni to continue sharpening tactical leadership skills. Each Skills Workshop is co-led by a lay and professional leader. Marketing/Branding will be offered October 18 and Succession Planning will be offered December 4. Don’t miss out on these opportunities, all at no cost - learn from our talented colleagues and peers in the community. Click here for the details.


By Ari Israel

One of the ritual highlights of Rosh Hashanah is the blowing of the shofar. The shofar is a wake-up reminder, a spiritual alarm clock, for us to take stock of our past season and to re-engage with our heritage, religion, and community. With its familiar blasts, the shofar reminds us of the conscious and manifest relationship that we have with G-d. It is our symbol of teshuva (repentance); will herald in the Messiah; and it is even the blast heard when in 1967, our Israeli soldiers reunified Jerusalem. The shofar says to the world, "I am a Jew, and I unabashedly call out to G-d." There is a set rhythm to the shofar that brings comfort with its familiarity; blast after blast, grouping of blasts after grouping of blasts; following the proscribed pattern of tekiah, shevarim and teruah, totaling one hundred notes in all.

And yet, while we are very familiar with the sounds of the shofar, we don't often think about what these sounds represent. There are three distinct notes that comprise this musical service: First we encounter the tekiah, which is a strong initial blast; followed by three medium length notes of shevarim; and finally, a series of short teruah sounds. This pattern is repeated throughout the prayer service.



ACHARAI is pleased to announce three new Officers:

NED HIMMELRICH, First Vice President
Ned has a long history with ACHARAI since its beginning as the first co-chair. Ned has served as president of the Center for Jewish Education, co-chair of the Associated’s Teen Engagement Commission and co-chair of the Associated’s Learning Commission. He is a currently a Fellow in the AFP Class VII.

FRED HEYMAN, Vice President
Fred is a graduate of AFP Class V and has been very involved in the community. He is past chair of Hopkins Hillel, Capital Camps and Retreat Center and received the Harry Greenstein Young Leadership Award.

Josh is a longstanding leader of ACHARAI, and alumnus of Class III. He is a current Board Member of FIDF MidAtlantic Region, past Chairman of the Board and past President of Baltimore FIDF Chapter; past Co-Chair of Beth Tfiloh Spotlight; and past Chair of Baltimore Jewish Council’s Holocaust Remembrance Commission.


What did you like best about being an ACHARAI Fellow?
Meeting leaders of other Jewish organizations.

What is the most valuable skill you took away from the ACHARAI Fellows Program?
Breaking mental models.

How has your leadership style changed/improved since completing the ACHARAI Fellows Program?
Practical application of the adaptive methods of leadership was instrumental in giving me confidence to proceed with needed changes.

Please comment on the networking component of the ACHARAI Fellows Program.
It is wonderful to have formed friendships from within my cohort and also other cohorts and ACHARAI staff. These relationships have been helpful not only to provide a sounding board for leadership issues, but also satisfying from a personal point of view.


Name: Larry Gordon
Class V

Past President, Temple Isaiah, Fulton, MD


Mazel Tov to:

Larry Ziffer on the birth of a grandson, Pinchas Binyamin, also known as Benny.
Shelly Malis on her new roles as Co-Chair of the Baltimore-Ashkelon Partnership and Chair of the board of Art With A Heart.
Sheryl Cooper, in her new roll as a full-time freelance sign language interpreter and to her daughter, Kayla Reisman who graduated from the Hornstein Program in Jewish Leadership at Brandeis University with an MA and an MBA, and is now the director of Teen and Youth Services at the Shames JCC in Tarrytown, NY.
Melissa Peters on becoming Chair of CHAI.
Aaron Max on becoming Chair of Pearlstone Retreat Center.
Calla Samuels on the marriage of her son Bobby to Yifat Aloufi in Tel Aviv/Jaffa.
Martha Weiman on the upcoming marriage of her granddaughter Rebecca Noel to Max Appleman.