Class VII of the ACHARAI Fellows Program click here for list of Fellows kicked off learning at an opening retreat on February 25 at Pearlstone Center. The group was inspired by Rabbi Nina Cardin who talked about her mom, Shoshana Cardin, and her vision for ACHARAI. Here is a link to a video of Shoshana for you to enjoy.

Maury Garten, Class VI alumnus, delivered a powerful D’var Torah to the group and challenged everyone to find their Nachshun moment - a time that they take a leap of faith and demonstrate the courage that is needed to be an effective leader today. “Seven days after leaving Egypt, the Israelites found themselves trapped between a raging sea and the vengeful Egyptian army. Then G-d gave Moses a command that seemed impossible to fulfill: "Speak to the people of Israel; they shall travel." When the command was given to move forward, each of the tribes hesitated, saying, "We do not want to be the first to jump into the sea." Nachshon saw what was happening - and jumped into the sea. At that moment Moses was standing and praying. G-d said to him, "My beloved ones are drowning in the stormy seas, and you are standing and praying?" Moses replied, "Master of the world, what am I to do?" Said G-d, "You lift your staff and spread your hand over the seas, which will split, and Israel will come into the sea upon dry land." And so it was. Following Nachshon’s lead, the Israelites entered.”

May we all continue to find our Nachshon moments.

Best wishes for a wonderful Pesach,
Beth Gansky


What did you like best about being an ACHARAI Fellow?
Having the privilege of getting to know the other admirable Fellows and leaders in my class.

What is the most valuable skill you took away from the ACHARAI Fellows Program?
Active listening.

How has your leadership style changed/improved since completing the ACHARAI Fellows Program?
I have become more patient with my Board as we work through issues and have allowed for more adaptive work.

Name: Donna Kasoff
Class VI

President, Temple Isaiah



Five Leadership Lessons from the Seder
By Samuel Bacharach

Samuel Bacharach writes about his Passover Seder and how the, table conversation turned to the lessons that can be learned from the Seder experience, in terms of how we behave in groups and how we should think about leading teams.  Some of the team leadership lessons, include: talk on the same level, remember what you all have in common.

Plan a Better Meeting with Design Thinking
By Maya Bernstein and Rae Ringel
Co-Directors and Faculty of the Certification of Facilitation
at the Georgetown University Institute of Transformational Leadership

“Sometimes, when I sit in meetings, especially ones in which people don’t seem engaged, I calculate the cost in staff time. I’ve estimated that one standard weekly meeting in my bureau — 50 people sitting in a cookie-cutter conference room, looking both bored and anxious — costs around $177,000 annually, and surely this scenario occurs throughout the [organization] hundreds of times a day. It drains us, and it breeds cynicism. So many meetings are lost opportunities.”


Mazel Tov to:

Helene Waranch and family on the occasion of her grandson’s Bar Mitzvah
Liz Minkin Friedman and her family on the Bar Mitzvah of her son, Eli
Larraine Bernstein on the engagement of her son, Jonathan (Jon) Hornstein, to Erika Rief, daughter of Dr. Joanne and Marshall Rief


The Family of Rina Janet, Vice President, ACHARAI Board of Trustees and Class IV alumna
The family of Tom Dudley, AFP Fellow Class VI, on his loss.