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February 2019 Edition

A Recent Friday Night Incident Causes Quite A Reaction
Undisclosed Location

It was Friday night as usual for a chemical manufacturing facility that manufactures and markets bio-based chemicals and specialty polymers - but not for long. A client requested Hull's provide a hazardous materials response team and supporting resources to their facility. A high wind and rain event caused an unknown amount of water to leak into the hopper tank where an immediate and dramatic chemical reaction occurred.

When aluminum chloride and water mix, because of the heat produced in the reaction and the concentration of the solution formed, hydrogen ions and chloride ions in the mixture combine as hydrogen chloride molecules and are given off as a gas. As a severe respiratory-tract and skin irritant, HCL gas is extremely dangerous.

To address the IDLH conditions and remedy the situation, a hot zone was established and secured by hazmat response technicians wearing protective suits under supplied air for skin and respiratory protection (Level B PPE). The technicians proceeded to use heavy-duty steel rods to agitate and break up the clumps to enable them to flow freely through a hose into a reactor tank underneath the hopper. Once the product and clumps were no longer free-flowing, water was used to react the residual aluminum chloride in the hopper. A cleaning process followed whereby the hopper was drained down and dried with nitrogen gas in preparation for bringing the process back online.
A Hazmat Technician under supplied air is seen carrying supplies inside a facility that had an unexpected release of HCL gas. 

New Year, New Website, New Look
Tampa, FL

The rate at which technology changes seems to surpass all other areas of modern life. Technology is now woven into the fabric of our personal and professional lives. The lines are blurred. That's the long way of saying our website needed work and it was time.

Knowing our customers and prospects expect to not only have a pleasant experience when visiting our website but also to garner valuable information about how we can help solve their environmental challenges, recently experienced a major facelift. In addition to essential expanded information regarding our locations, services and HSE, we now have a "Get a Quote" page dedicated to making it fast and easy to communicate information about your project with the ability to add pictures, MSDS documents, drawing, specifications or other related materials. A few clicks and a Hull's representative will contact you promptly.

Hull's will also soon be launching our blog to share news, insights and announcements about Hull's Environmental Services, the environmental industry and topics our customers may find useful and informative.

A new website for was built and published for 2019

Expanding The Fleet, Enhancing The Services
Atlanta, GA

The proverbial "new vehicle smell." A shiny coat of paint. The deep, black color of brand new tires. A smooth and steady idle. There's nothing quite like the look and feel of a new vehicle...and we can't wait to get them dirty!

The Atlanta location for Hull's Environmental Services just took delivery of two brand new, pristine, 2019 Kenworth T680 Tractors powered by Cummins X15 diesel engines and a GAW of 80,000 lbs each. To enhance the capabilities beyond towing dry van trailers, each tractor will be fitted with new vacuum and hydraulic pumps that will serve to add additional functionality by enabling vacuum pumping into ordinary tankers, hauling roll-off trailers and hauling end-dump trailers.

Hull's utilizes these tractors for day to day operations, typically in the process of transporting waste streams from client sites to a designated TSDF. Hull's is excited about the addition of these resources as the demand for waste management services continues to grow in Atlanta.

Two new Kenworth T680 tractors were added to the fleet in mid-January to meet the demands of customers in the Atlanta area and surrounding states.

Sometimes It's Little Things That Have The Biggest Impact
Panama City, FL

It's hard to imagine an event that lasts for a few hours can have such a long-lasting effect on so many people. Hurricane Michael tore through Panama City, FL and the surrounding areas leaving catastrophic damage. The effects on the people who survived it are unimaginable to those who've never experienced something like it.

With cleanup and response efforts by Hull's Environmental Services soon to surpass four straight months, it's been a daily reminder for those crews working hard every single day what an impact it has had on local residents.

On a recent storm recovery effort, a woman who was so relieved to have power poles and downed wires out of her way and off her property, she brought water bottles for the entire crew. Following some brief but meaningful conversation, a group photo ensued. It was a short moment of shared joy in what's been an otherwise challenging time for residents. The Hull's crew was proud to be part of it.

A Hull's Environmental Services crew takes a quick water break and poses with a resident that was happy to see remnants of downed utilities removed from around her property. 


Our goal is to help make your business operate as efficiently and profitably as possible. We will work with you to help solve your environmental challenges, with the understanding that you have limited resources and budget. If you're considering a new environmental project,  give us some detail and we'll get you a quote promptly!

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