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Pascaline Lepeltier, MS
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Blame the Château d’Yquem 1937 for convincing 2010 Rising Star, Sommelier Pascaline Lepeltier, to begin her brilliant career in wine!

Detouring from a master’s in philosophy and a career as a university teacher, Lepeltier began her obsession with wine at the two-star Michelin-rated  L’Auberge Bretonne   under celebrated Chef Jacques Thorel. Within a year, Pascaline was named both Best Loire Valley Young Sommelier and Best Brittany Sommelier. While working as Beverage Director at Rouge Tomate in Brussels, she interned at the George V in Paris under the direction of Best European Sommelier and Best World Sommelier runner-up Eric Beaumard to train for the Best French Sommelier competition. Lepeltier was promoted to the position of Beverage Director for the Rouge Tomate flagship in New York, and moved to Manhattan in 2009.

Within months, she was named one of the five best new US sommeliers of 2011 by Wine & Spirits, one of the "New Wine Prophets" by Time Out NY, one of the “40 under 40” beverage influencers by Wine Enthusiast and called the “Natural Wine Evangelist” by Ray Isle in Food & Wine. The NY Times awarded her Rouge Tomate wine list as one of the best in NYC in 2013. Beverage Director of Rouge Tomate Chelsea until August 2017, she overlooked a 2,000+ references list offering one of the biggest selections of natural, organic and biodynamic beverage in NYC and in the world, and for which she received from the World of Fine Wine two awards: “Best Long Wine List in the World 2017” and “Wine List of the Year 2017”. Read entire bio...
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