Little Traverse Yacht Club
essential dates & times

* Thursday (7/25):  Lunch Service 11-2. Volunteer packet pickup, 3pm. On-water volunteer meeting, 4pm. Regatta registration, 4-6pm. Dinghy Racing, 6pm . No Grill Night this week, but the bar will be open . J/70 Gathering under the regatta tent, 6pm. Clubhouse, bar, and porch open to all.

* Friday (7/26): No LTS Programs. Regatta Tees go on sale at Irish Boat Shop, 8am. Lunch Service 11-2. One Design Racing, 12 noon. Regatta registration, 3-5pm. Bar open noon until Irish Boat Shop party. IBS party, 5pm - tickets required.

* Saturday (7/27): Pancake Breakfast 8-11am. No Lunch Service. Racing All Day, starting at noon. Regatta Party after Racing.

* Sunday (7/28): 
Pancake Breakfast 8-11am. No Lunch Service. Racing All Day, starting at noon. Regatta Awards Party after Racing.

The Insiders' Guide to Ugotta Regatta
We can't help you with your performance on the race course, but we can tell you everything you need to know to win the weekend at LTYC! Here is the inside scoop...

The unofficial motto of Ugotta Regatta is "No Coat, No Ties, No Socks... No Problem! Just great
racing on the pristine waters of Little Traverse Bay, a chance for some relaxation in beautiful Harbor
Springs, and a guaranteed good time".  Whether you are sailing or not, you should "come as you are" and plan to join the fun at the club all weekend long.

Latest Fashions: The first race of the weekend happens early Friday morning when eager regatta fans line up at Irish Boat Shop to buy this year's regatta t-shirt. The 2019 design will be unveiled and sales will begin at 8am sharp. Styles and sizes do sell out so get there early to be sure you get your choice. Any remaining shirts will be sold during Friday night's party at IBS.

Stylish Hats: If you see someone wearing a Royal Blue regatta hat, you've spotted one of our many, many volunteers. Say thank you and feel free to ask them if you need any help. The sailors may be sporting this year's Gosling Rum hats, or they may be wearing vintage Gosling or Mount Gay hats from regattas of yore. You, too, should wear a hat for sun protection (and style).

The city's regatta cap remained this year at 100 boats, but this year is a "down year" in which the Chicago-Mackinac was the first of the two Mackinac races, so signups are traditionally lower. Nevertheless, 83 boats are registered, representing yacht clubs from around the country. About one-third of the competitors are local LTYC boats and the remainder are our guests. If you want to get the complete details on the racers or even follow the action through a pair of binoculars, you'll want to refer to the official Scratch Sheet.    Click here. 

Regatta Savings Time: For the first time this year, all racing is starting an hour later - at noon. The change was made to take advantage of our prevailing winds which are typically steadier in the afternoon. As the land warms up, the heat rises, and the cooler air over the water rushes toward the shore. It's what makes Harbor Springs such a special place to sail. Starting an hour later will (fingers crossed) result in better racing for all.

Front Row Seats:
 Most boats will head out in the 10-11am range and come back in after racing in the 3-4pm range depending on the weather. These are fun times to be on the water or around the harbor as the sailors head out with high hopes and return with stories to tell.

Tune In: It's not exactly ESPN, but if you are out on the water and want to listen in on the starts, dial your UHF radio to 74 for the one-design course and 79 for the tour-of-the-bay course.

While you are at LTYC this weekend, take a look around and marvel at the 100+ volunteers who come together to put on a world class event year after year. There are more teams than ever at work out on the water, at the parties, and during the pancake breakfast. THANK YOU to everyone who is taking time out of their busy weekend to work a volunteer shift!

Volunteers are VIPs: All Volunteers (on-the-water, on-shore, & pancake breakfast) should stop by the club at 3pm on Thursday to pick up their volunteer packet, hat, and Irish Boat Shop Party Tickets. On-the-water volunteers have a meeting on Thursday at 4pm, after packet pickup, for final marching orders. Each day's on-the-water volunteers will also meet on the porch at 9:30am for last minute updates before heading out.

On Friday evening, Irish Boat Shop hosts a party for racers and volunteers, complete with beer, brats, and a band. It starts at 5pm and tickets are required. Click here to learn about their clever Clean Marina party plan. On Saturday and Sunday after sailing, LTYC is the host for members, racers, and their guests. A dinner buffet is included for registered racers - others can purchase buffet wristbands. Saturday features live music from the Petoskey Steel Drums and the main event on Sunday is the presentation of the awards. 

Your First Step: Start your party at the cashier's tent where you can purchase drink tickets and buffet wristbands. If you are lucky, they'll ask to check your ID too, as everyone over 21 needs to have a wristband to demonstrate that we are responsible folks and we are complying with liquor laws.

You Should Know: All drinks and buffet wristbands must be purchased at the cashiers' tent. Volunteer bartenders will not be able to take your member number as payment, but you CAN charge your drink tickets to your member number at the cashier's tent. Cash and credit cards are also accepted.

Pro Tip: If you want a beer, head to the beer trailer out back. There will be no beer at the inside bar or the bar under the tent. Otherwise, the inside bar and the big bar under the tent are the same. There will be a dedicated station for non-alcoholic drinks on the back patio.

The Rules Are Different: A special liquor license means that non-members can buy alcohol all weekend long, so invite your friends and family (and let them pay their own way - wink).

Don't Get Caught: Be aware that regatta drink tickets are ONLY valid during the regatta parties. Enjoy them this weekend because credits cannot be issued after the event.  

Last year, LTYC earned Silver Status (and the flag to prove it) from Sailors For The Sea, an organization supporting clean regatta practices. We're back at it this year, reusing our cups, using compostable materials, and recycling like crazy. Thank you for your help in sorting your trash from your recyclables.

Be Social: Use the hashtag #cleanregattas and tag LTYC all weekend long on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram when you see someone doing their part to make our event clean and green.

You Are Hereby Challenged: See if you can make it through the party with only ONE plastic cup. Our bartenders will be happy to refill for you and we'll recycle it at the end. Bonus points if you bring your reusable cup from the Irish Party.

Stay Hydrated: We are making an effort to reduce the number of single-use water bottles during Ugotta Regatta. Racers are encouraged to bring reusable bottles on board each day.

Local Knowledge: There is a spring-fed water bottle filling fountain by the Zorn Park beach and filtered bottle filling stations at the harbormaster's office and near the hedge on the LTYC lawn by the water.

On Saturday and Sunday morning, the entire community is invited to feel the excitement of a regatta morning and fill their bellies with a big pancake breakfast. This event is the primary fundraiser for the Little Traverse Sailors Junior Sailing program. The Race Team will be out there flipping pancakes in person before running off to race. Invite your neighbors, bring your houseguests, and feast on pancakes, eggs, sausage, juice, coffee, and fruit.  It is a tasty way to support the future of sailing in Harbor Springs.

Bring Your Wallet: The Pancake Breakfast is a cash-only operation. Checks to LTS are ok too.

Clever Timing: The sailor rush will happen between 9 and 10:00. Come earlier or later for room to relax. Breakfast is served from 8 to 11, rain or shine, under the big tent.

Not Too Late: The Pancake Breakfast still needs volunteers and donations of fruit. Please check the signup list here if you can help. Parents: your kids can help with you!

If you are still reading, then by now you are surely an expert on all things Ugotta Regatta!
 Pass this along to anyone who might need this info. Share your inside info with our guests. Sail fast. Thank a volunteer. High five a sponsor. Have a great time.

See you at the club!