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Greetings Gr8 Women Community!

Just this weekend we ran our Free Masterplan Your Life Story workshop.  A mother and her two daughters attended and I was grateful.  At the end of the workshop we embraced each other and one of her daughters said as she hugged me "Thank you.  I love you."  My heart melted and I felt another confirmation for the vision and purpose of Gr8 Women.  To this divine moment, time and space we were able to open and fulfil hearts and as a student and teacher I was once again humbled.
Every stepping stone in our life, synchronicity, and alignment are all part and parcel of the divine order that envelopes us each and every day.  This last month Love and Gratitude continue to be my greatest teachers.  Today is Day 25 of Fasting - no food whatsoever, only liquids and what is even more meaningful is not only the clarity and peace one feels - it is the timely messages and resources that have come my way within this time in order to serve better - so many lessons and blessings to receive, learn and take on board.
If you are familiar with The Power of the Heart book and DVD, it is powerful and highly recommended.  Both came my way and it is indeed a great reminder to love wholeheartedly - to choose love not fear as The Course of Miracles teaches.  To intend love and to share love in its entirety, embracing unconditional love and its limitless healing.

Let the universe be your playground.  Our potential and capacity lays beyond what lays before us within our peripheral vision - our greatness lies within the internal light that is within the hearts of man, within - inside of us, prompting us in soft whispers to tune in, tune in.

I share love and gratitude to Chris Wildeboer of Balance Central for sharing her inspirational story with us this month and the healing Chris brings is one of a kind.  To the beautiful Katina Cuba, Founder of Authentic Entrepreneurs whom has joined our Gr8 Women team to help us empower and inspire women together.  To our women and men whom have fought for our countries, families and livelihood - we thank you and are truly grateful for your love and sacrifice.

Have a wonderful Anzac Day with your families and friends today - celebrate each moment and love each moment.

Each day is a gift, and to honour that gift - let's be our highest selves!

With love,
Aina Notoa & Gr8 Women Team




Masterplan Your Life Story I Free Workshops monthly with Gr8 Women Brisbane Australia.  Sunshine Coast dates to be released soon!

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  • Learn how to Amplify your Inner Voice
  • Discover how to Love you and the world around you
  • Unlock and Honour your Self Worth

Gain Focus and Clarity and Power Your Success Now Webinar with Katina Cuba.

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Balance Central Workshops with Chris Wildeboer.  Upcoming workshops - book now at : Balance Central

Authentic Entrepreneurs

The Key Mindset Shift that I made to create the business I love

When I left my corporate job I just wanted to get paid for the work I love in my own terms.  At that particular time , I really didn't know how exactly was going to create it, but I was confident that my experience and skill could serve others and would provide me an income while I was engineering the business I crafted in my mind.
However, over the time, I struggled to close the gap where I was and where I wanted to be. I was trapped in a busy life with clients, admin stuffs, and bookkeeping. I felt drifting away from the lifestyle I dreamed.

Then, I realized that my goals didn't match my mindset. My goals didn't match my purpose and values.

I worked in two areas that eventually allow me to move forward:
  1. I work inside myself to clarify and unlock my Purpose and Hierarchy of values
  2. I started shifting from Self- Employed mindset to an Entrepreneur mindset
Your Purpose: Is what makes you unique and fuels your life. Is inside you but sometime is shadowed by external influences. When you are able to get in touch with it, you find a sense of direction, inspiration and clarity.

Hierarchy of Values: Everyone comes to this world with a unique set of values, what is most important or less important to YOU.  You filter your reality through your set of values.

Here the thing, when you set your personal or business goals fully aligned to your Purpose and Set of Values, you will gain direction, power and will be more resilience to tackle the challenges that will come to your business. If not you will procrastinate and eventually give up .

 "The time per money trap " , This is one of the main swift I did in my mindset and the one difference between Self employed and Entrepreneur. We only have a limited amount of time to serve our clients, you can increase your fees but along the road you might not have TIME to create the lifestyle you desire. Working [one:one] can constrain your business evolution. Look for opportunities to work [one:many] (workshops, webinars, blogging, etc) or [Cero: Many] (books, pre -recorder tutorials, etc) . TIME is your most valuable asset, therefore leveraging it will make you step forward to a different level on your business

There is nothing wrong with being at full time job or self employed, it depends on your journey. But I cannot stress enough that if you really want to do what you love and love what you do, Discovering your Purpose and Values, setting your Goals aligned with them and create an Entrepreneur mindset, are essentials in your transition.

With Gratitude

Katina Cuba
Authentic Entrepreneurs
0418 132 875


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Oprah Winfrey

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Gr8 Quote


It was an ordinary Friday

It was an ordinary Friday as I headed into work to start what I thought would be an ordinary day.

As I walked in the door of my work place I received a gift. I didn't see it that way at the time, but eventually I did. That gift was change - a really big change that altered my world forever. 

This is what happened... The CEO of the company asked me into his office and within 20 mins I was being escorted out of the building.  I had been made redundant (such an interesting turn of phrase) my position was redundant and I was redundant. I was in tears, my world had suddenly changed and everything I knew I could rely on, everything I had planned was turned on its head.

I came home and began the next sensible step.  I put my resume together and applied for position after position, went for interviews and applied some more.  This continued for 3 disheartening months. Here I was a 37 year old, highly experienced professional with no offers of employment. It seemed I really was redundant.

One day I made a call to a friend. The conversation sparked something. It was the seed of an idea and that idea began what is now Balance Central.

In that conversation I casually said "I wonder if I could use RAW (Rekindled Ancient Wisdom, a technique I had been practicing and learning for about 9 years) to create my own business? After all I have been running everyone else's business for years - surely I could run my own." From that simple statement the idea began to grow.

I started with google "What do I need to do to start my own business" to find out how to start a business. I completed the paperwork, I paid my fees and got to work designing my own business cards.  I felt so proud I had a business - now what next?

Within days of stepping up and creating my business I was offered a part time position with a company 5 mins down the road with lots of flexibility around the days they needed me to work.  I really needed the stability of a job so I took the position and I started focusing my energy of the work they needed me to do. This greatly affected the focus on my own business and I lost my momentum. For the first 12 months I did absolutely nothing as far as my business was concerned.  I continued to work on myself (periodically) and on others (friends and family) but that was it. What I thought was going to be easy turned out to be something I really knew nothing about.  I had no idea what it took to have, run or develop my own business.

Again a timely conversation with a friend jolted me into action.  It made me pay attention and to realise I needed help, I needed people around me who had been there, done that so that I could learn to do the things that I didn't even know that I needed to know.  By working with the right support and guidance I gained amazing insight into myself, my strengths and my talents.  This also revealed a healthy dose of reality, which was that I couldn't be all things to my business. I really needed to know when to ask for help.  I also started to help myself, I started to use RAW on myself regularly and everything started moving within just a few months. 

In fact less than 2 years after I came up with the original idea of Balance Central I was working full time in the business - helping clients and making a real difference in their life.

Balance Central came into being through my belief that I could help others with a technique that I knew had helped me.  I have had many challenges around believing in myself. At every step I have taken in my business I have had to take stock and move myself out of the way so I can continue to step up and continue to achieve things I never thought possible.

I now use RAW daily for myself and I continue to surround myself with the support and guidance of others who help me and my business to prosper.
Balance Central was created in 2009 and over the years I have seen amazing outcomes for clients - I am exceptionally proud to be part of their journey . Their achievements make it all worthwhile - it makes my soul sing!  All the achievements - big and small - are significant and simply make me smile.
So what is RAW and how does it help?
Rekindled Ancient Wisdom (RAW) is a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional energy balancing system.  It looks at unlocking the healing potential within, so that you are able to heal yourself through all parts of the Being and dimensional pathways.  We have an innate healing mechanism within us. We see this when we cut ourselves, our physical body just goes about repairing it.  We all want to be well and have our life flow in all areas, but sometimes healing pathways can become blocked, which can create imbalances emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually or on any level of the Being.  RAW looks at identifying programming that is blocking your self healing mechanism and is holding you back and then replaces this old programming with new programming.
And what makes working with Balance Central such a unique experience?
Balance Central offers the RAW technique but it offers so much more.  Through Balance Central I combine RAW with my personal strengths of consistency, reliability  and compassionate listening.  With all of the components combined I offer various programs to ensure all aspects of my client's life are balanced and aligned.  Here are some testimonials from clients who have experienced life changing moments while working with  Balance Central .

Ultimately the thing that helps me sleep at night is knowing I have made a difference to someone's life.  As one person's life changes so does others around them. Healing change has a flow on effect that keeps rippling out through the world.  I love the idea of a more balanced world - if we all could feel a little lighter, a little calmer, a little more at ease imagine what amazing things manifest! 

Chris Wildeboer
Balance Central
0423 607 047
Gr8 Women Serve

Meet Salome Swan from Anglicare and Rebecca Barnett from St Vincent De Pauls

Salome and Rebecca were part of the collaborative International Women's Day team that brought together Women Rising 2016.  It was such an amazing night with Paul Pisasale and Counsellor Sheila Ireland attending.

Over 100 attendees with the amazing Ipswich communities, businesses and government organisations coming together to celebrate women.  

Congratulations to all and thank you!!

Nature is Speaking


"Talofa Aina, Many thanks for organsing. I had a great time and it was wonderful to meet some new 
people and get ideas!" - Anita Beg




Aina Notoa, CEO & Founder Gr8 Women