You blessed us with your presence. The Inspire Gala 2020 was a HUGE success! The SOLD OUT event was filled with nearly 200 parents, grandparents, faculty and community members in attendance for a truly inspirational evening!
You encouraged us with your generosity. Through sponsorships, underwriting, auction bids (both online and live) and purchasing "stars" to make teachers wishes come true, you truly supported the SCS mission. We are humbled and honored by you partnering with us in this calling.
You inspired us with your stories. Thank you to Mr. Vernon Sommers and SCS student Fredie Morales for allowing us to share your experiences. Special thanks go to guest speakers Mr. Jeff Mudrow, Dr. Susan Hedgcock, Mrs. Nicole Jordan and Mr. Jim Hill for giving both insight and meaning to each component of the Sarasota Christian School mission.
Together, as a community, you raised OVER $100,000 to help support the students and faculty of Sarasota Christian School and we could not be more grateful!
Thank you for your support!
Thank you Events Manager Dana Mitchell and to our dedicated Inspire Gala Committee for all of your hard work. This event simply would not have been possible without each of you!