Providing every child access to the life-changing experience of making music.
May 2022
Some Kids May Hate the First Instrument They Play - and That's Okay

Somewhere in Colorado there may be a child who will soon receive an instrument - let's say it's the trumpet you recently donated - which they will come to truly, deeply dislike. This seems like a failure - so why do we encourage you to join us in seeing it as a great success?

Because what you actually gave that student, cleverly disguised as a trumpet, was access - access to the life-changing experience of making music. 

Becoming a lifelong learner begins with curiosity and exploration. It's not so much trial and error as it is trial and more trials. Our children try on calculus and computer programming and cross country in much the same way they try on clothes. You need look no further than TikTok to see examples of this explosion of youthful experimentation.

Teachers have often told us that the variety of instruments they receive from BMTL allows them to give kids a choice, rather than simply saying "you're going to play this because it's all we have." Dedicated instructors of band and orchestra classes help students find the instrument they feel is their own, the truest expression of their creativity. So a "failed" trumpet player may actually be an undiscovered joyful drummer or an unrealized passionate violinist. (And since the trumpet you donated belongs to the school rather than the student, it can be made available to another child for whom it might be a great fit.)

We can't pick the paths to which our children will be drawn. Giving them access to the arts in addition to academics and athletics opens the whole world to them.
A connection between music and math has long been noted.
Time Signatures. Rhythm. Intervals. Pitch. Harmonics. Formulaic progressions.
“Music is the pleasure the human soul experiences from counting without being aware that it is counting.”
-Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz (1646-1716) 
Our Instrument Drive has always been a numbers game. Over the past 11 years, the 6,500 instruments we have awarded have been played by over 17,000 of Colorado's children. Our impact is not just quantifiable. It is exponential.

We count on you! You are instrumental to our ongoing success. For that, our appreciation is immeasurable.
The 2022 Instrument Drive beat all previous records.
  • We thank and recognize the 900 individuals who donated 1207 instruments during our twelfth annual Drive!

  • We credit the 7 repair experts at CIOMIT for the hundreds of hours they will spend preparing donated instruments for the next generation of music students.

  • We appreciate the 42 music teachers (8 first-time applicants) who applied for instruments.
The Music Depot, our donation location in Greeley for the past 7 years, took in 23 instruments.
Deborah Kurtz with a few of the 26 instruments collected by Loveland Academy of Music.
Now begins the hard work of appraising and reconditioning the accordions, bassoons, clarinets, double bases, and euphoniums (to name of few) collected during the Drive as well as the mathematical puzzle of matching them with the needs of deserving, underfunded music programs.

Stay tuned. Instrument placements will be announced by the end of May. And our Instrument Presentation Event will be held in August before the start of the 2022/2023 school year.
Looking at these instrument cases, a phrase that comes to mind is "noble sacrifice." They have been crammed in lockers, hauled on and off buses, dropped in the snow, opened and closed thousands of times. Some of the cases donated during the Instrument Drive have handles that are falling off or sides held together with duct tape. Others are scratched and scarred, dented and dilapidated. We often receive beautiful instruments in excellent condition which have been protected for decades by long suffering cases.

These cases need to be replaced for two important reasons: the continued protection of the instruments and a sense of pride for the child carrying them. The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America recognized this need and stepped up to help meet it. Their annual contribution of $1,500 specifically for new cases is just one example of the ways individuals and corporations can support our mission beyond the donation of actual instruments.

We are grateful to them all. Case closed!

At Loveland Academy of Music, over 1,800 customized private music lessons are taught each month by a staff of instructors chosen not only for their musical expertise but also for their enthusiasm and passion. Believing that a great teacher is also a great mentor and role model, personal relationships are at the core of the Academy's success in bringing the joy of music to every lesson and practice session, regardless of a student’s ability. Students are encouraged to play what they love and love what they play!

Loveland Academy of Music is also committed to community relationships. On April 23, the teaching staff stepped out of the classroom and onto the stage for their annual Benefit Concert. We were honored to be the recipient of this year’s proceeds. The concert raised $671 for our instrument repair fund.

Director Karen Suedmeier says, “Music is a communication tool to share our heart with our community.” We wholeheartedly thank them for sharing theirs with us.
After taking their bows, performers Elizabeth Baugh, Kyle Kounovsky, Brayden Pappenfort, Jim Eads, Liam Hughes, Tristan Boh, and Karen Suedmeier pose with Bringing Music to Life's Steve Blatt.
Convert canned goods into cornets, and Cheerios into cellos.
Did you know that when you register your King Soopers Loyalty Rewards Card (or your dedicated King Soopers credit card) your dollars make a difference?

By identifying Bringing Music to Life as the organization you want to support, a percentage of the money you spend at King Soopers will be awarded to us at no additional cost to you. You don't pay more when you are in the community rewards program, but your dollars do more. Sustenance for your family helps to sustain music education in Colorado!
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