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Halcyon Reacts to the Business Disruption of COVID-19
Many businesses and larger corporations have been strongly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Since March 2020, we began to make some changes to our “normal’ office environment. We ceased all office and agency visits, which is still in effect today until further notice. In the best interest of our teammates, families, and the community, most Halcyon teammates continue to work from their homes.
Latest on Commercial Insurance
Halcyon Announces New National Carrier Partnership
We are proud to announce Halcyon Underwriters has partnered with a National Carrier that can provide quality insurance solutions. This market targets various classes of business such as Retailers, Real Estate, Contractors/Construction, Fabricare, Medical & Dental Offices, Professional & Financial Services, Restaurants, and Manufacturing. We have listed some of the eligible classes within these industries....
Commercial Property Premiums Are Increasing:
Clients Looking for Cost Saving Alternatives
Author: John Davis, Production Underwriter - Middle Market
Wildfires, tornados, and hurricanes OH MY!! These increasingly common events have added to record catastrophic losses in the property insurance marketplace over the past few year. As risk management professionals, we see these events happening and know that they will impact our client’s policy premiums, even if our client was not directly affected. According to the Global Insurance Market Index releases by Marsh in August....
Westchester: Monoline Property &
Commercial Package

Halcyon agent partners now have access to Westchester’s Monoline Property and Commercial package solutions for middle-market premiums on non-admitted paper. Westchester offers Property and General Liability exposures in the Middle Market space available in all states except Arkansas, Colorado, Hawaii, and Oklahoma. Westchester is rated A++ by A.M. Best and can consider a property with a total insurance value from $2.5M to $15M....

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Commercial Lines Production Underwriter

  • Holds an active 2-20 insurance license
  • Two to Five years of Commercial Multi-Line insurance experience
  • Carrier rating experience
  • Sales and Production driven
Personal Lines Assistant Underwriter

  • Holds an active state insurance license 4-40
  • Two to Three Years Personal Lines Insurance experience
  • Carrier rating experience
  • Highly supportive of the Sales & Production process
Lloyds Monoline Jewelry Coverage

Your customers’ valuable jewelry can usually be covered under homeowner’s insurance that may include limited coverage amounts for lost jewelry. But what if we told you Halcyon Underwriters has a market for Monoline Jewelry? Halcyon now has access to a Lloyds market that offers Jewelry coverage on a monoline basis.

Read more for eligibility requirements, and how to get a quote.
Do you have an account you want us to review? Contact Sarah Cadle, our Vice President / Personal Lines Leader, at 321-527-2192.
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"Property" - what does this mean?

Anything that has value. There are two types: real property and personal property.

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Team Member Spotlight: Brittany Pearson
The relationship we have with our agent partners is very important to us. While we work with you on a day-to-day basis, we thought you would like to know a little information about one of our hardworking teammates.

Halcyon would like to introduce you to Brittany Pearson, one of our Accounting & Finance Associates.
"Just keep swimming!"
Years at Halcyon: Close to 2 years!

Years in Insurance: 1

First Job: I got my first paycheck from Seminole County Public Schools as an Assistant Varsity Girls' Basketball coach at Oviedo High School.

Favorite Movie: I can never pick just one, but Aladdin is one that have loved since I was a kid and can quote from beginning to end.
Favorite Vacation spot: The St. Pete area lately. It’s easy to get to and makes for a decent weekend getaway or even a day trip. 

Motto: While I’m working out it tends to be “Just keep swimming.” In other words, whatever you do, just keep moving. As for a broader motto goes, I find that “Act or Accept” covers most scenarios.

Advice for Success: In my experience, none of the right credentials can make up for a great attitude and determined work ethic once you get through the door. If you are almost competitive about being diligent and doing things the right way, if you’re accountable, malleable and always continue to learn I think you’ll be successful. 

First purchase if you won the lottery? The easiest thing to buy would be a new car. My dream house and my European vacation would take time and planning.
Pet Peeve: Being late.

Bucket List Item? I feel like Europe is a little unoriginal, but the history nerd in me could die happy if I were ever able to spend a substantial amount of time exploring Europe. 

Hobbies: Watching sports of any kind - curling and archery to baseball and football. I also love hanging out with my friends and family when I can as well as the occasional Netflix binge. A new hobby for me has been getting into projects around my new house. 

If I could have met anyone in history, it would be: Any of the Founding Fathers would do, followed closely by John Wooden.

One thing you cannot live without? Chapstick. I have to go back inside for my car keys or phone more often than I do my Chapstick. It’s always on me.

What influenced you to join insurance: I needed a change. I knew my grandpa worked for the state of Georgia doing something in the world of insurance and he loved it so much that they had to force him to retire. So when I was thinking about other options for myself, I thought I’d look into it. And here I am, happily.

What is the biggest change you have seen so far? Jill Biega has made such a huge difference in every aspect of this office. Everything from simply being available and having a positive, team-oriented attitude to streamlining a lot of our daily routines with the focus on making things more accurate and efficient has made a “night and day” kind of difference, in my opinion. 
Success Lists
Visit our website to review our monthly Success Lists for each of our underwriting departments: Middle Markets, Small Business, and Personal Lines. These are a great source to view our target classes each quarter. Check them out now!
Due to the current circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic all community events
have been cancelled until further notice.
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