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More independent agencies are joining insurance alliances as a solution to grow their agency revenue , especially during this pandemic. However, the headlines fail to mention how Halcyon Underwriters is the ideal option for agents to gain admitted markets. Halcyon Underwriters is the one-stop-shop for independent agents regardless of the states they write in. We are a wholesaler that can write in all 50 states .

There are a variety of alliances with agencies tied to their name. At Halcyon Underwriters, our appointed agents are considered our partners.
Latest on Commercial Insurance
As Nationwide acts toward writing more multi-line accounts to secure commercial businesses, they are doing away with monoline-auto new business effective July 10th, 2020 . This new guideline applies to all new monoline auto accounts regardless of how many vehicles on the policy. With their focus on multi-line accounts, Halcyon brings you an inside scoop of the growth potential within Nationwide’s small business sector. If you are currently an agency partner with our office, we suggest reviewing Halcyon’s most recent hits with Nationwide.
Author: Brian Polino, CPCU | Senior Production Underwriter, Vice President 
Companies, both private and public, are paying a lot more for their Directors and Officers Liability insurance premiums. According to a recent June 8 th A.M. Best Market Segment Report, average price increases for D&O Insurance were 44% in the first quarter of 2020.  The main drivers for D&O rates have been increased shareholder litigation, social inflation trends leading to higher jury awards, and the growth of litigation-finance funds, which pool investors to invest in corporate legal disputes. Now with coronavirus thrown into the mix, the COVID-19 pandemic could….
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You're Invited to the Chubb Commercial Insurance Florida Roadshow!

We invite you to learn about Chubb's appetite, the Chubb difference, recent successes, online tools, and how to stand out in the industry.
Date: August 4, 2020
Time: 10:30am - 11:30am EST
Location: WebEx

This is a great way to stay engaged and learn more about what Chubb has to offer! We are excited to include you in this educational opportunity. 

We are proud to announce our Personal Lines department is offering coverages for mobile homes in Florida with Tower Hill Insurance Group (THIG).

THIG’s Manufactured and Mobile Home product is the ideal market for us to assist our retail agents in providing customizable coverages with a broad level of mobile home insurance for the customer and the place they call home.
Do you have an account you want us to review? Contact Sarah Cadle, our Vice President / Personal Lines Leader, at 321-527-2192.
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"Hurricane" - what does this mean?

When the maximum sustained winds of a tropical storm reach 74 miles per hour, it’s called a hurricane. These powerful storms are a destructive force of nature. Be prepared.

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Team Member Spotlight: Brian Polino
The relationship we have with our agent partners is very important to us. While we work with you on a day-to-day basis, we thought you would like to know a little information about one of our hardworking teammates.

Halcyon would like to introduce you to Brian Polino, one of our Vice President/Middle Market Underwriters.
"Conquer the man in the mirror everyday!"
Years at Halcyon: 8

Years in Insurance: 9

First Job: Publix

Favorite Movie:   Too many to count, but some that come to mind are the Back to the Future trilogy, Indiana Jones trilogy, Apollo 13, Patton, Gettysburg, The Princess Bridge, Cool Runnings, James Bond series, Rough Riders mini-series, and Star Trek series.  

Favorite Vacation spot: With young kids, right now the best option is Disney World! lol

Little-known fact: I'm an American History buff.

If I’m not at work, you can find me…. at home or around -town enjoying time with my family.

Motto: Be prepared!

Greatest Challenge: Conquering the man in the mirror everyday!

Most important lesson learned: Still learning lessons every day.

Favorite Childhood Memory: Family vacations traveling America in our RV, Boy Scouts, High School Athletics, College Life

Advice for Success: As the Nike slogan says, "Just do it!"
Hobbies: Running, Home Improvement, fishing, college football, most now just being a Dad.

My favorite part about my job is: The moment you achieve your goals.

My favorite work memory is:   Getting to work alongside great people everyday.

What influenced you to join insurance: Upon college graduation, insurance companies were hiring!

What is the biggest change you have seen so far?
The rapid pace of technological change in the industry. Only 9 years ago, most companies were still not paperless and now we have automated underwriting quoting platforms, electronic signatures on applications, CAT models, and drones performing inspections and claim adjusting.   

First purchase if you won the lottery? Paying off my mortgage!

One thing you cannot live without?   Coffee!

Favorite Quote and Why? "For he who serves his fellows, is of all his fellows, greatest." -E. Urner Goodman

And anything else you’d like to add! Oviedo, FL is God’s country!    

Success Lists
Visit our website to review our monthly Success Lists for each of our underwriting departments: Middle Markets, Small Business, and Personal Lines. These are a great source to view our target classes each quarter. Check them out now!
IOA Corporate 5K Update
Due to the unprecedented event of COVID-19, the IOA Corporate 5K has been rescheduled to Thursday, October 1 st at 6:15pm .

Join us at Lake Eola Orlando, Florida 32801 for Orlando's largest office party ! Businesses and non-profit organizations, like Halcyon Underwriters, have formed teams for a friendly competition.
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