The Internet of Water Launches Its Resources Page!

A key finding from the Aspen Institute dialogue series on water data was that the most necessary step in using water data for sustainability is making public water data open by default, discoverable, and digitally accessible. We are developing educational materials, resources, and tools for making water data more open. 
**Available Now!**
Explore (1) which public agencies are collecting (2) what types of water data for (3) what purposes, and (4) the openness of those data.
Coming Soon!
Explore why open data are important, find out how open your data are, and how you can improve openness.
Find publications and presentations including reports, white papers, data stories, and educational materials.
A series of educational materials to explain standards, metadata, cloud services, etc. What they are, why they are important, what tools are available, and how to use them.
Public agencies may have different definitions for the same type of data. Search here to learn who uses what definitions for different types of water data.
Explore the workflow and resources for creating water budgets currently adopted by federal and state governments.