Fire Island Pines Property Owners Association
The Invasion is Back! 
The Fire Island Pines is proud to announce the 2021 Invasion. We will be hosting all the fabulous drag queens from the Grove again but with an important change.

We will celebrate the Invasion this year on Saturday, July 3rd

Why? First, by moving the Invasion to the 3rd, we are hoping to make it more of a community event for both the Pines and Grove.

Second, since the crowds historically have been huge, we want to be respectful that not everyone will be vaccinated, and we are trying to be as Covid safe as possible. We want to avoid a scenario where the Pines could become overwhelmed with the crowds – sometimes quite boisterous. 

I appreciate the collaboration among PJ McAteer (Pines Commercial District), Nicole LaFountaine (Danikki Building), Ken Stein (Sayville Ferry Service), Thom Hansen (aka Pansy), and of course FIPPOA in making the decision to hold the Invasion this year in full force and on July 3rd. Other than Pansy, we may not be Drag Queens, but we certainly can’t wait to welcome them back. Thank you Team Invasion and hope to see you in the harbor for the July 3rd festivities! 
Marina, Freight Dock and Fire Island Boulevard Infrastructure Management
Since 2015, the Town of Brookhaven has licensed a portion of Fire Island Boulevard (FIB) to FIPPOA for its management of the roadway. In February 2020, the agreement expired, and FIPPOA has been working with the Town to renew the agreement and extend its coverage to include the entire length of the roadway from Sandy to Sail. The coverage generally includes the mostly wooded areas South of the dirt roadway up to the property line for homes situation on FIB. 
To better manage the roadway and enhance the general appearance of the community, FIPPOA set out to establish a set of rules for the use of the Boulevard. The rules are intended to be clear, fair, transparent, and uniformly enforced, while balancing the needs of the contractors with the resident’s desire to clean up the community.
Recognizing that input from the business community was critical to the success of its Boulevard plan, and as previously announced, FIPPOA established a joint task force with the Chamber of Commerce to develop the Boulevard Rules. The Task Force was also charged with updating FIPPOA’s rules for the freight dock and harbor/marina, both of which are inextricably intertwined with the roadway. The joint task force, which has met weekly since late Fall, consists of three members each from FIPPOA and the Chamber: Allan Baum, Jaime Blumenthal, PJ McAteer, Karen McCutcheon, Henry Robin, and Doug Teague.
While these rules apply to residents, boaters, and contractors alike, they most significantly impact the contractors who extensively use our infrastructure to service our homes and the community. In order to obtain feedback, FIPPOA and the Chamber of Commerce are hosting a Town Hall at 12 PM on Tuesday, June 15th  at Sip N Twirl to coincide with the June Chamber of Commerce meeting.  All members of the Chamber and all community contractors are encouraged to attend. 

We will share more information with the community at-large once the new rules are implemented later this season.
Appreciating the Essential Workers of the Pines

FIPPOA was delighted to issue an “official” proclamation honoring the essential workers in the Pines at last Saturday’s highly successful and entertaining SAGE Awards Ceremony held at Whyte Hall. For those of you who were unable to attend and have not yet visited our harbor where the proclamation is now proudly displayed, please have a look here . And please thank the many workers when you see them for all of their selfless sacrifice and hard work during the pandemic.
Verizon FIOS Update
There are no additional homes to add to the growing list of lot numbers now able to subscribe. The splicing work continues in Zone 2, Pine to Teal.  In another week or two, subscriptions are expected to start from the West end moving Eastward.
Happy Pride Month, and please start fluffing those fabulous July 3rd gowns and wigs!

Henry Robin, President
Allan Baum, Vice President
Tami Hausman, Secretary
Eric Sawyer, Treasurer

Gary Clinton, Greg Henniger, Chris Lovito,
Chris Mai, Jay Pagano, Rodman (Tad) Paul, Leland Rechis, 
Russell Saray, Ed Schulhafer, Matt Tague and Jim Vandernoth