Nuclear Waste Update
Dear Inverhuron Residents:
The Saugeen Ojibway Nation(SON) has voted and, in a sweeping majority, has declared "NO" to the proposed Ontario Power Generation(OPG) nuclear repository at the Bruce site.
ARTICLE from London CTV NEWS from January 31, 2020    
The vote was taken on January 31, 2020 and included all SON people 16 years of age and older. Of the 1,232 members who voted, 1,058 voted no, with 170 yes votes and 4 spoiled ballots.   
Chief Anoquot of the SON spoke about this vote as being both historic and significant.
ARTICLE Vote Results message from the Chiefs and Councils, January 31, 2020   
In 2013, OPG said they would not build the nuclear repository for low and intermediate nuclear waste under the Bruce site without the SON's approval.  
As a result, Ontario Power Generation has responded that they will begin a new process to search for other options/sites for the disposal of the low and intermediate level nuclear waste. This process, they say, may take up to 30 years.
 ARTICLE from Owen Sound Times on February 1, 2020  
The Inverhuron Committee, along with many other partners (Save our Saugeen Shores, SOS Great Lakes, Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump, the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative, almost 200 Municipalities and Counties and a petition signed by 100,000 individuals and groups) has been working on this issue since 2012.
The Inverhuron Committee has written and presented submissions to the government through the two Joint Review Panel Hearings and interacted with a variety of Canadian and American politicians, media and environmental groups such as Northwatch, the Canadian Environmental Law Association, Greenpeace and Ontario Great Lakes Initiative. It has been an educational journey for all of us.
On that note, I wish to thank The Inverhuron Committee, current and former* members:
Marti McFadzean, Chair 
Dale Palin
Sharon Cross
Eugene Bourgeois
Donald Stewart
Doug Hunter                                                                                           
Jeanne Quayle
Joanne Martin
John Cameron*
The Inverhuron Committee will remain vigilant and engaged as Ontario Power Generation seeks to find a new home for the nuclear waste.
At the moment, South Bruce and Ignace are the two remaining sites being examined for a second repository for high level waste. Boreholes are being drilled near Teeswater, Ontario.
Thank you to the community for your support and financial contributions over the last eight years.
Marti McFadzean, Chair, The Inverhuron  Committee 
The Inverhuron Committee Inc.
Marti McFadzean, Chair of the Board of Directors
Dale Palin, Secretary/Treasurer of the Board of Directors
Sharon Cross, Director of the Board
Eugene Bourgeois, Member of the Working Group
Doug Hunter, Member of the Working Group
Joanne Martin, Member of the Working Group
Jeanne Quayle, Member of the Working Group 
Donald Stewart, Member of the Working Group  

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